Winning the Worst Division in NFL History

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The 2010 NFC West is quite possibly the worst NFL Division in the history of the league. Coming into Week 10 of the NFL season, not one team in the division sits above .500 and not one looks like a team that will finish with over 8 wins. Let us take a quick look at the four teams and see if we can figure out whom will take home the division crown.


Arizona (4 Division, 5 Home): The Cardinals have the easiest remaining schedule with games against Denver, Carolina and Dallas remaining.

San Fran (5 Division, 4 Home): The 49ers may have the worst record but with 5 division games left they have a great opportunity to play catch up.

Seattle (3 Division, 4 Home): The Seahawks have the least amount of division games remaining and that's not a good thing. They still have the AFC West leading Chiefs on the schedule and all three of the NFC South leaders.

St. Louis (4 Division, 3 Home): The Rams have yet to win a road game this season and their 2nd half of the season is littered with road games. In addition they play both the Chiefs and Falcons at home.

Advantage Cardinals


Arizona (Max Hall / Derek Anderson): Problem #1 for the Arizona Cardinals is complete lack of confidence in their QB and likely for good reason. It looks like they are going to go with Anderson for a bit now, but he umm... kind of... umm... sucks.

San Fran (Alex Smith / Troy Smith): Troy Smith picked up the W in London mostly due to not turning the ball over. Alex Smith probably has more talent, but lacks Singletary appears to lack confidence in him. Expect this to be the QB controversy the Coach is declaring it isn't.

Seattle (Matt Hasselbeck / Charlie Whitehurst): Hasselbeck is old and injury prone, but he's obviously better than Whitehurst. If Hasselbeck gets injured again the Seahawks are done.

St. Louis (Sam Bradford): This is a Sad statement but the most reliable QB and the one with the best skillset to perform for the rest of 2010 is a rookie.

Advantage Rams?

Momentum / General Self Esteem

Arizona (3L): The Cardinals are on a three game losing streak but each of the last two weeks they lost by just a field goal.

San Fran (1W): The Niners have to be amongst the happiest 2-6 teams in history. They started 0-5 while their delusional head coach kept on saying they would win the division. Well they actually do have a shot.

Seattle (2L): The Seahawks have been blitzed their past two games as well as in each of their other two losses.

St. Louis (1W): Of all the four teams in the NFC West, the Rams must have the most confidence and the most positive vibes for the 2010 season. They haven't had 4 wins in a season in a decade, and now they lead the division.

Advantage Rams

The Prediction

Frankly I don't see any of these teams getting to 8 wins. I'd say the Rams are currently the best team, but I can't see them winning more than one game from Atlanta, @Denver, @New Orleans, and KC. That would mean going 3-1 against the divisional teams. Same goes for the Seahawks who are playing like complete crap and have 4 difficult out of division games. By contrast the Cardinals have the scheduling advantage but they are BAD, really BAD.

Picking a team is UGH, but if I have to I say the Rams, Hawks and Cardinals all get to 7 wins and the Seahawks win the division by tiebreaker. Either way, I don't know about you, but I'm pumped for the DRAMA of the Week O' Poo 2.

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