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Friday, September 29, 2006

~Robinson Cano cost me exactly 33 dollars last night and he is on my fantasy team. I kept Cabrera on my roster hoping he'd get me some much neeed strikeouts and low and behold he's in the 9th with a no-hitter with one out and facing another player on my fantasy team in Robby. Now a no hitter gets me 3 bucks from each player in the league, and would thus pay for the non-stop activate dl activate dl kerry wood spree i went on earlier this year. But no Robby's got to line one into right.

~Peetey is done for the year and the Mets are screwed. I'm sorry but you aren't winning the world series with a rotation of ancient pitchers and John Maine who couldnt even crack to Oreos rotation last year. You might be able to get there, I'm doubting that now even, but you're gonna get pounded if you do.

~I think the TO day was the single most depressing day I've ever listened to the radio at work. 8 hours of people calling up telling the radio host why they thought about committing suicide, or doctors analyzing why he might want to commit suicide, basically suicide this suicide that. Man was I down on life when I left work on wednesday.

~If the Cardinals finalize their collapse this weekend I think it would be the single most hilarious sporting story of this year. I mean basically all they had to do was beat the Astros once in Houston and this is done and dead.

~The Phillies are king chokers, they lost again last night to the Nationals who have nothing to play for and whose manager reportedly will not be asked back next year. Philadelphia is basically Loserville, USA. So congrats to the Dodgers for being in a race with the Phils, you can't lose.

~Mike Tyson said he was useless to the world and that him going on his world tour is because he has no money. No shit. I can't believe people still will pay money to watch him.

~It's amazing that Chad, king trash-talker, is a model citizen for the Bengals and everyone else is getting arrested, shows you that some of these guys aren't really assholes off the field their just a show. Although, I do think Chad is hilarious and probably a cool guy to chill with.

~Why did Hockey start already? Wasn't it still summer last week? That season is too long for no reason.

~Bonzi Wells signed with the Rockets, not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing didn't see the contract length/value. He'll help them score but they still really need a point guard.

~Tiger is unstoppable he's already opened a 5 stroke lead after two days, he can't lose anymore.

~If the Jets win sunday I'm going streaking. They certainly aren't getting any love from Vegas, 9 1/2 point dogs at home, damn.

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NFL Week 4 Pick Suggestions

Honestly I think this is a much harder week than the past two, I think there are less obvious games and it was tough for me to pick 5 that I am confident in. And really I don't think any game is a 100% lock.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (-2 1/2) at Washington Redskins

Yes, I am down on the Redskins, Brunnel is not any good and the Jaguars defense will swarm all over the field and shut down the Redskins mediocre and overrated offense. Expect the jaguars to win by one or two field goals.

4. Miami Dolphins (-4 1/2) at Houston Texans

Miami is going to cover the spread eventually this season right? Right? The Texans have the worst defense in the league and if Culpepper doesn't put up big TD numbers this week he never will and the Dolphins should start Joey the Wonder Boy Harrington. The Dolphins should dominate this game else, they aren't going anywhere this season.

3. Minnesota Vikings (+1 1/2) at Buffalo Bills

I know I've been down on the Vikings all season and I do not really think they are any good but the Bills are definately not a good team, its not the wintery homefield advantage yet in Buffalo and the Vikings should win this game straight up, I'm almost shocked they are the underdog.

2. Seattle Seahawks (+3 1/2) vs. Chicago Bears

I think the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC, and despite the loss of Alexander this week I think their underrated defense shuts down the Bears offense and Rex makes a bunch of mistakes. At most the Bears win this game by a field goal but I truly think the Seahawks firmly establish their NFC supremacy and Hasselbeck has a big game with their strong receiving core.

1. St. Louis Rams (-5 1/2) vs. Detroit Lions

Can't we firmly establish that the Lions are a horrendous team, absolutely terrible. Going into St. Louis I don't think they're going to lose by anything less than a touchdown. Don't read anything into Martz going back to St. Louis either as he chokes in any game that is remotely important.

San Francisco (+7 1/2) at Kansas City ... Damon Huard and 7 1/2 points come on
Dallas (-9 1/2) at Tennessee ... TO with two TDs and one overdose
NY Jets (+9 1/2) vs. Indy ... Jet Homer I'll take the points
New Orleans (+6 1/2) at Carolina ... 3-0 + 6 1/2 = take em
Atlanta (-7 1/2) vs. Arizona ... Vick with a bounce back game
San Diego (-2 1/2) at Baltimore ... Not a Raven believer
Cleveland (-2 1/2) at Oakland ... It's like picking Syphilis over Chlamydia
New England (+6 1/2) at Cincinatti ... New England won't get crunch 2 in a row
Green Bay (+10 1/2) at Philadelphia ... Favre throws one INT or less loses by 10

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My Name is Lance Berkman and Where is My MVP Love

Thursday, September 28, 2006

All this talk of Ryan Howard this and Albert Pujols that is making me want to vomit. Everyday I listen to the radio and all I hear is Pujols or Howard, hell a month ago I heard pick a Met any Met too. Yet never is there a mention of me. What do I have to do? Is it because I'm white it's because I'm white isn't it. Or maybe cause I went to Rice and I'm a born and bred Texan through and through. No it's because I'm white, and that's my final answer.

But I digress, let me show you why those chumps aren't the MVP and I, Master of Texas am.

First Ryan Howard, sure he hits a bunch of homeruns and homeruns are cool and all but look who else is in that lineup. Jimmy Rollins has 25 homeruns at shortstop, you know how many times Adam Everett has hit the ball out of the infield, 24 times. ya 24 that guy couldn't bench the bar, what a pussy yet I have to watch him struggle to lift that 30 ounce piece of driftwood and attempt to swing it everyday. I'm lucky I don't go into the tank by proxy. Chase Utley that kids a stud, Ricky-Bobby Abreu, by the way how great was Talledega Night man I love NASCAR and the south and dixieland, oh yeah Bobby he's a pimp, look what he's done for those corporate asses in New York. Plus the Phils are going to choke this week you know it, they always do not us Astros though we come through down the stretch.

Albert the big guy Pujols, yippy so what if your the best hitter in the league. I'm not far behind, hell I have the same amount of RBIs as you do, and I didn't miss any games like a little baby girl. Plus I play the outfield and first base, I'm versatile baby, ya I busted out versatility, I know Texans are usually limited to 3 syllable words, but I went to Rice baby I'm smart. Everybodies going to make a big deal of Albert hitting a home run last night, MVPs hit big homeruns blah blah blah. Hey did anybody watch last week when I blasted, two homeruns, bombs baby I think one went 745 yards, ya not feet, yards, both off the reigning Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter, ya not one measely home run but two off the best pitcher in the league. Yes thats what I do, I'm a pimp.

Plus Pujols has Rolen and Edmonds batting behind him all season, who do I got? Some dude named Morgan?? What weiner he was, now I got some rookie named Luke Skywalker and a Devil Ray reject. Great protection, if I used that protection during the rest of my life I'd have more kids then Shawn Kemp. Yet I'm still in the top 6 in the NL in HRs, RBIs, BA, OBP, OPS, and SLUG. And I'm batting 390 with runners in score position which almost never happens, yes cause my lineup sucks. Why because I'm the f'n man.

The Cardinals have scored 60 more runs than my shitty lineup, the Phillies, jebus they score 60 more runs a game than we do. Ya you can say our pitching staff is better, but Clemens takes a two month vaca, Pettite and Oswalt have been bad, and Lidgee well Lidgeee got castrated last year in the playoffs, and a man can not pitch without cajones.

And Yet still the media gives me no love, because I'm white or because they confuse me with that bastard Lance that came out of the closet this summer. For the record I bang models, and porn stars and the occasionally female lion for a solid workout.

Atleast Tuxedo T-Shirt Baby Jesus loves me.

Vote Lance Master of the Lonestar State for MVP, or I'll urinate on your sofa.

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The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

5. Auburn Tigers at South Carolina Game Cocks

A Little Thursday Night SEC special as the #2 ranked Tigers head into Cockland in search of increasing their resume. Fortunately for the Auburn Tigers this is one of not their most difficult road games and while Steve Spurrier is a great coach they are not ready to beat the #2 ranked team in the nation. If Irons is back and healthy the Tigers roll. The Pick: Auburn by double digits

4. Purdon't Boilermakers at Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Amazing how some of the games on the Notre Dame schedule that looked like cupcakes at the beginning of the season are big questionmarks right now. Purdon't comes in undefeated with a nice win over Minny last week. I say Notre Dame outscores them down the stretch to win by a td or two, but one of these games ND is going to get bit in the ass. The Pick: Notre Dame by 7

3. Alabama Crimson Tide at Florida Gators

The Crimson Tide got the shaft last week against Arkansas so this week they get to head to lovely Gainesville against a top ranked opponent who will be looking to get their dreaded schedule off on the right foot. Simply put you're not going to beat Florida this season in the Swamp they have too much talent. The Pick: The Gators by mucho

2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Virginia Tech Hokies

VaTech comes into this game having played possibly the easiest 1st month schedule in the nation. Now they get the Yellow Jackets at home in a battle of tech schools. Sean Glennon the VaTech QB has been unimpressive throughout their first 4 games, and in order for the Hokies to win this game he will need to produce some offense. Here's why I'm going to pick against the Hokies, last year my buddy Joe a VaTech alumni, went back for one game the Miami game, what happened they got massacred. This year, he's going to the GaTech game, so... The Pick: GaTech by 3

1. Ohio State Buckeyes at Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa has looked bad this season despite their 4-0 record. Ohio State has looked very very good on the other hand. So based on watching the games I do not see how anyone could logically pick the Hawkeyes to win even if the game is in Iowa City. Iowa always loses Big 10 games. The Pick: Ohio State by 10

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TO Suicide Attempt

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's been obvious over the course of Terrell Owen's career that he has not been completely stable both emotionally or mentally. He gets into cat fights with his qbs, accuses one of being a homosexual another of being a backstabber. He makes millions of comments where it becomes incredibly obvious that he has no edit function behind his speech. I think his quest for money with the Eagles was less financially based and more a him seeking to be recognized as a great player by the organization, and his instability led him to see the lack of backing from McNabb as a betrayel. The man's craved media attention all these years to make him feel worthwhile, and apparently it wasn't enough.

With all that being said, if these reports are true this is one of the most shocking occurences in recent memory. Maybe the stress/media pounding finally got to him. Maybe like many depressed people he eventually got to the breaking point where everything builds up and finally you just seem like no matter what you do things aren't going to get better. Who knows, maybe TO doesn't even know.

This has many ramifications, first how long could this put TO on the sidelines for, and even if he suits up will he be able to lock into the game like he once could. As bad as the Eagles were last season, and I still don't think they are incredibly talented this season, you have to like their chances of pulling away with this division. The Redskins have intensely struggled on offense (beating the JV Texans doesnt count), the Giants have a bunch of hot heads and a coach that is losing his grasp on the team, and now the Cowboys have even more TO stuff to deal with.

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Tuesday Night Baseball Picks Finale

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tampa vs. Red Sox Philly vs. Nats
Winner - Sox Winner - Philly
RBI Machine - Papi RBI Machine - Howard
WP - ***Schilling*** WP - Wife Beater

ChiSox vs. Indians Astros vs. Pitt
Winner - Indians Winner - ***Astros***
RBI Machine - Peralta RBI Machine - Berkman
WP - Fatassia WP - Pettite

Jays vs. Tigers Reds vs. Marlins
Winner - Tigers Winner - Marlins
RBI Machine - Monroe RBI Machine - Cabrera
WP - Bonderman WP - D-Choo-Choo

Oreos vs. Yanks Mets vs. Bravos
Winner - Yanks Winner - Bravos
RBI Machine - Cano RBI Machine - McCann
WP - Lidle WP - Smoltz

KC vs. Mini BrewCrew vs. Cubs
Winner - Mini Winner - BrewCrew
RBI Machine - Cuddyer RBI Machine - Prince
WP - Santana WP - Chucky Villanueva

Rangers vs. Angels Padres vs. Cards
Winner - Angels Winner - Padres
RBI Machine - Vlad RBI Machine - Giles
WP - Escobar WP - Woodrow

Ms vs. As Dodgers vs. Rocks
Winner - As Winner - Dodgers
RBI Machine - Monopoly RBI Machine - Mr. Hamm
WP - Duschererererer WP - Maddux

Dbacks vs. Gigantes
Winner - Dbacks
RBI Machine - Jackson
WP - Webb

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NFL Week 3 Review

Week 3 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: The Gmen, are the big losers of the weekend. The decided once again to sleep walk through the first half and ended up with the game all but over after 11 minutes. And they did get outcoached and outplayed, anytime you get mauled like Coughlin said no specific person should take the blame, its everyone including the coaches. Runners Up: The Falcons for getting smoked last night, the Dolphins for making me look like an idiot for thinking they would be good this season

Cough Cough Cough: Plaxico, had a spectacular day for the Giants with one catch which he proceeded to fumble away because he holds the ball with the strength of a 90 year old woman and to top that off he received a perfectly thrown pass from Eli Manning got gator arms and batted the ball directly into a Seahawks safeties arms. Runners Up: Mike Vick 12 for 31?, Michael Koenen 4 missed field goals and a blocked punt for an INT in three weeks nice work

This Scaircrow Needs a Brain: Kurt Warner, fumbling a snap inside field goal range when a field goal would have given you the victory in the last few seconds of a game. Wow thats brilliant, Kurt Warner is a bum, he sold his soul to the devil and his lease is up. Welcome to the Matt Leinart era, and he's gonna light teams up. Adios Kurt, you've been terrific for keeping the sit warm for minimal weeks after a #1 pick gets drafted. Runner Up: Jeremy Shockey for his relentless mouth, Charlie Frye for throwing a nice INT in the final minutes

The Shocker: New Orleans Saints, This ones easy as their really were no major upsets other than the fact that the Saints now lie at 3-0 and not only did they win last night but the dominated every aspect of the game from start to finish. Shutdown the run, blocked two kicks, scored the first td against the Falcons defense. Every Aspect. Runners Up: Titans for being competetive, Browns for almost coming away with a win at home if not for Charlie Frye's 4th quarter pick

The Pimp: John Kasey, was a pimp knocking down two 50 yard field goals a 49 yarder and the game winning 46 yarder. Runners Up: Brett Favre for throwing no picks, Matt Stover kicked a last minute 52 yarder.

You Got JAKKED UP: Chris Henry, Carson Palmer seems to enjoy leading his receivers in to positions of decapitation. Back to back Cincinatti Bengal Receivers on the JAKKED Up list.

My Fantasy MVP: Me, because I'm an idiot and always blow decisions, such as deciding to play both Troy Williamson and Matt Jones instead of Braylon Edwards this cost me a win. So now I sit at 2-1.

New York Jets MVP: Kerry Rhodes an easy choice, two forced fumbles one resulting in a td and 10 tackles from the 2nd year safety who's showing that safety is the chique new position in the NFL, and if he continues with weeks like this one, watch out Troy, Bob, and Ed you might have some pro bowl competetion.

My Picks

My Picks: 11-3
Preseason Picks: 6-8
Picks Vs. Spread: 8-6

Not bad, as you can see I changed up my week picks from my preseason picks a lot this week and most likely will continue to in the future.

Week 3 Extra Quick Notes

~Internal bleeding and enough to need a blood transfusion and a splenectomy, well Chris you have my respect. Unfortunately for Mahoney, Bucs fans and anyone who thought the Bucs were going to be good this season, like someone named Me, are dead wrong. Bruce Gradkowski, a Toledo Rocket rookie at QB? Have fun with the remainder of your season Tampa. Um don't really know what you're going to try to draft in the offseason but Calvin Johnson is pretty sick, I would start driving a few hours North to the ATL to do some scouting.

~I know it was a sentimental story and everyone wanted the Saints to win and they were pumped up and so was the crowd but that does not explain the ineptitude of the Falcons offense. Michael Vick only completed 12 of 31 passes which is absolutely terrible, and its not all his fault, Crumpler dropped a wide open td pass and Roddy White and Jenkins got absolutely no separation from their corners the whole day.

~Willis McGahee owns the Jets, so if at any point you get offered a bet that he will rush for over 100 yards against the Jets take it, and spend your winnings before the game starts cause its automatic.

~Only Brett Favre won of the QBs that threw for over 300 yards won, the two top rushers Parker and McGahee lost, and Andre Johnson the top yardage receiver lost. Stats mean nothing.

~The Pats stink against the Broncos, why I have no idea. Also, I don't like watching Patriot games anymore I don't see them as very exciting, I opted for sleep instead of the second half saturday night.

~Count Shockey in as one of the few NFL players that doesn't like to lose. Good Quote big guy.

~Tom Coughlin won't admit he pulled Plaxico because he sucked, he keeps on saying it was his back. My ass.

~Frank Gore fumbled in 3 straight games, giving me big time fantasy worries.

~I hope the cover boy for Madden gets paid a lot because that is an automatic downgrade in your next season. Enjoy the broken foot Shaun.

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Week 4 College Football Power Rankings

Monday, September 25, 2006

1. Ohio State Buckeyes - Penn St. came into this season overrated due to their success last year and despite struggling for 3 quarters the Buckeyes pulled away and won comfortably. Quality Wins: Penn St., @Texas

2. Michigan Wolverines - This weeks win against Wisconsin is an underrated won as I expect the Badgers to be better than previously advertised and finish somewhere within the top 5 of the Big 10. The quality of the victory against Notre Dame took a marginal hit with ND struggles in East Lansing. Quality Wins: Wisconsin, @ND

3. Auburn Tigers - Look at Auburn's schedule and tell me that it isn't the greatest schedule in recorded ACC history. Not only do they play the majority of their difficult games at home, they sandwich those games with cupcakes similar to this weeks matchup against Buffalo following the LSU victory. If you're going to play in the SEC and you have a good team this is the schedule to get through the season. Quality Wins: LSU

4. Florida Gators - The Gators beat up on their whipping boys from Kentucky and like many of the top teams did not pick up a big time victory.Quality Wins: Rocky Top

5. Louisville Cardinals - Bumped Louisville up a spot after they mauled K State in Manhattan. K State might be in down years, but coming off a beatdown over Miami it is mightily impressive to blow out a big conference opponent on the road especially without your QB and running back. They will need to hold serve and hope Brahm gets back for the West Virginia game. Quality Wins: @K State, Miami

6. Southern Cal Trojans - Drops a slot after a mediocre performance against a poor Arizona team but with the Arkansas win over Bama that blowout victory might be gaining in street cred. Quality Wins: Nebraska, @Arkansas

7. Clemson Tigers - Clemson comes off the solid victory over FSU and tells North Carolina who's their daddy. Still just a good kicker away from being undefeated. Quality Wins: @FSU

8. Tennessee Volunteers - Played nobody this week but the Cal win looks more legit after the romping Cal gave ASU.Quality Wins: Cal

9. Texas Christian Horned Frogs - Had an off week but still has the nice win against TT who bounce back to crush some no name this week. Quality Wins: Texas Tech

10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish- Not impressive against Michigan State but a W is a W. And right now Notre Dame has wins against three quality big conference opponents. Maybe each of those teams falter down the stretch when they hit conference play but GaTech has looked good since opening night and will give other ACC teams a run for their money. Quality Wins: @Michigan St., Penn St., @GaTech -- Bad Loss: Michigan

11. Cal Golden Bears - Thumped what might end up being an overrated ASU team and beat a decent Minnesota team. That loss at Tennesee is still miserable but they have two solid wins and I couldnt keep Georgia in the top 11 with the way they should have lost to Colorodo at home. Sorry Uga.Quality Wins: Arizona St., Minnesota Bad Loss: Rocky Top

Dropped Out: Georgia Bulldogs after their miracle one point win against pathetic Colorodo at home no less, BC after their loss to NC State

Past Power Rankings: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


~The last thing I would call Notre Dame's game against Michigan State would be impressive. Sure it was a nice comeback but they were getting killed in the first half and really any upper echelon team would have put them away in that game. Now they have a few weeks to get their defense in gear.

~Really a boring weekend of college football with the exception of the ND game, which looked so out of hand that I had no issue with going to the bar and missing the 4th quarter, in retrospect I probably should have watched the end of the game instead of blacking out at the bar, praying to Daniels porcelain god, and trying to play flag football at 9 am, and sucking a fat one.

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The Ryder Cup Beatdown

Well that was certainly disappointing for the Americans. Not only did the final score show a solid beatdown by the Europeans but the Americans lost every single segment during this cup and their are a few people that easily garner the blame and the credit. One of them just happens to be the number 2 ranked player in the world.


Man did it rain hard this weekend in Ireland. It was downpouring pretty much all of Saturday. 36 holes in straight rain can not be fun. Any other tourny would have given a rain delay with that sort of weather, unfortunately the Europeans performed like they were used to the rain while the Americans wanted to hide under their Umbrellas.

Tape Delay

I tried hard to avoid the bottom line on ESPN and any other news source that would tell me the score before I could watch the matches, but I think its fully impossible as a sports fan to not find out the results of anything that is on tape delay. All I needed to do to mess up was during half time of the Michigan game I went into the kitchen to make myself some lunch, and then of course they go the Europeans are leading 10-6, thus rendering me knowledgable of the fact that the Americans once again lost the afternoon session 2 1/2 to 1 1/2. Damn it.

Local Boy

JJ played pretty well for a rookie at the Ryder Cup. He halved all 3 of his matches so he was one of the few Americans that didn't lose points throughout the Cup. In addition the two four ball matches he halved with Stewart Cink, he was the main cog in their come from behind ties. He ran off a large streak of birdies on friday, and went eagle birdie on saturday on 16 and 17 to put himself in a position to take a full point but unfortunately on the 18th on Saturday he rolled his 1st putt well by, lipped out his second putt and had to settle for a half. In the end JJ can atleast be proud with how he performed.

European Heros

Sergio Garcia - For some reason Sergio throughout his career has been unbeatable during Ryder Cup group play. And this year was no difference having Sergio go 4-0 on friday and saturday, and despite his singles loss to Stewart Cink on Sunday Sergio is a big reason for the Europeans dominance.

Lee Westwood - This captains pick worked out to perfection. Westwood won 3 matches and halved his other two as he was utilized to capacity by his captain. Westwood is one of these Europeans that is very good but never seems to do anything huge at big tournaments but when it comes to the Ryder Cup he turns into Zues.

Darren Clark - He was the hero. He was the inspiration for the Europeans and in edition he went 3-0. Thats pretty darn good for a man coming off such a devastating loss

American Goats

Chris Dimarco - I thought he was going to be a warrior this weekend well turned out he caught the plague from partnering with the initial carrier Sir Mickeltits.

David Toms - Yep I played with Phil too, so naturally I couldn't win a single match.

Phil Mickelson - The king of all goats. Phil managed only 1/2 point throughout the Ryder Cup. And coming from the #2 ranked player in the World, a guy who typically is a birdie machine which is perfect for four ball matches, the fact that Phil could only manage one halved match is completely unacceptable and he should feel a large brunt of the blame for the Americans embarrassing Ryder Cup loss.

Wrap Up

Well betting on the Americans in a Ryder Cup is certainly fools gold. You look at the American Squad and see players like Woods, Mickelson and Furyk and their major championship pedigree and think that they will come up huge in a big spot but then its really the Europeans who choke in majors like Sergio and Monty that are unbeatable in these matches. Whether it be that the Europeans enjoy the tourny more, take the tourny more seriously, are better suited to the weather conditions, simply tougher, who knows but the Europeans beat up the Americans every Cup nowadays and going into 2006 they will be major favorites.

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Rehashed Rebus

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thought I'd give you another from Pre-SimonOnSports Days

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The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

I'm slightly a Big 10 homer, but this week I think it will be tough to argue that there is any bigger games than ones happening in Michigan. If last week was Separation Saturday this should be dubbed the Ryder Cup is on watch that saturday.

5. UCLA vs. Washington in Seattle

Surprisingly Washington is 2-1, having only sustained a loss to Oklahoma in non-beatdown fashion. Really this is the only major conference game with above .500 teams left to choose from so it gets the 5 slot. The Pick: UCLA the Ty machine isn't going to beat a good Pac 10 team yet

4. Ohio St. vs. Penn St. in Columbus

A rematch of last years thrilling Penn St. victory means that the Buckeyes will be overwhelmingly motivated to beat the piss out of Joe Pa's squad and it will happen. No reason to watch this for much more than the first half. The Pick: Ohio St. in a rout

3. Arizona St. vs. Cal in Berkely

I guess this is a big game pitting two ranked teams against each other where the winner will have a chance to join Oregon as contenders for the #2 spot in the Pac 10 standings. Honestly, I have no idea what this outcome will be, havent watched much of either team, and that won't start this weekend. The Pick: Cal cause some of the hype must be true

2. Wisconsin vs. Michigan in Ann Arbor

Wisconsin is under the radar this season, and sports a 3-0 record with wins over mediocre but not miserable teams including at Bowling Green. The reason why this is such a big game is that unlike Auburn who played their biggest game of the season versus LSU than has a team in Buffalo they could beat blindfolded, Michigan is thrust into their Big 10 schedule against a good team. Coming off their biggest victory in September in a decade Michigan better not sleepwalk through this game or else that huge beatdown in South Bend will be quickly forgotten. The Pick: Michigan in a squeeker

1. Notre Dame vs. Michigan St. in East Lansing

If Notre Dame loses in Michigan St., a distinct possibility given they lost to them at home last year, we can fully eliminate Notre Dame from the public eye for two months until they head to LA for their annual beatdown. A loss to Michigan St., completely eliminates Quinn from Heisman talks and puts the final hammer in the Nail for their National Title hopes which is already millimeters close to flatlining. The Pick: Notre Dame pulls away in the 4th

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Ryder Cup Preview

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why the Ryder Cup is Money

1. It's an even competetion, when you split up the talent from all of the European countries and the United States, the teams are very similar in talent level from top to bottom.

2. The Ryder Cup always brings out different traits in the golfers as opposed to normal tournament play. For instance Monty is almost unbeatable during Ryder Cup matches, but during any Major he fades and makes incompetent mistakes just like this years US Open.

3. The US doesn't dominate. Admit it after Dream Team one you were completely uninterested in National Team Basketball, and now you're pissed off that they don't dominate. In Ryder Cup you think it's 50/50 that they are going to win which makes you rout that much harder.

4. Match play, 4 ball are all things you play with your buddies on the course on the weekends. So instead of looking up and seeing a guy go -8 under which you know you could never do, you get to watch people go head to head and see scores like 4&3 which don't make you feel like such a miserable golfer.

5. It gives you something to watch if your football team is one of the 11 that stand at 0-2. And something to watch in a weak college football scheduled saturday.

The Squads

Team USA
They have the superstars at the top but the relaitve unknowns of Wetterich, Johnson, Henry and Taylor will need to prove that receiving the automatic qualification to the Ryder Cup was not solely the result of constantly playing, racking up points with the occasional win in a tournament with a weak field.

Tiger Woods - A major key to the US Ryder Cup chance, in past Ryder Cups, especially the last one where he was paired with Mickelson (What a dumbass Hal Sutton was), he's been beaten and puts the Americans behind the 8-ball, Tiger is the best player on the planet and is playing well, he needs to win.
Phil Mickelson - Mickeltits is better than any European player, similarly to Tiger, hopefully he gets paired with a Consistant and non-risk taking player to compliment his aggresiveness.
Jim Furyk - Gets along with Tiger, which is essential for a partnership, and thankfully Tom Lehman understands this.
Chad Campbell - Brings free Soup.
David Toms - He seems about as boring as a human being can be.
Chris Dimarco - He's a gamer, could be the US most valuable weapon.
Vaughn Taylor - Flowing blond locks are a necessity for any golfing squad.
J.J. Henry - Local boy, plays everyweek and was an accumulator, has Walker Cup experience, I hope he performs well, and I especially hope he gets paired with someone with experience like a Verplank someone who can compliment his lengthy hitting.
Zach Johnson - Anybody other than me wonder what goes through parents heads when deciding how to spell their childs name? Why the h and not a k? I kind of like the h better as well, but why? That was certainly off topic.
Brett Wetterich - Honestly, I can't say I've ever seen Brett play or what he looks like, thats kind of unfortunate.
Stewart Cink - A Solid Vet captain's pick by Lehman, brings Ryder Cup experience and will help one of the rooks get through the opening days.
Scott Verplank - Put him with JJ Tommy, it will work out.

Team Europe
Europe has more big name players a stronger overal squad and possibly more chemistry but despite this they have only Olazabal as a Major Tournament winner. The Europeans come in as the favorite for the first time in years, and that could be the reason why it seems logical they will go down.

Henrik Stenson - The young Sweed is one of my favorite picks on the Best Ball Challenge team as he is always a solid under the radar performer at big events.
Luke Donald - He could wind up being the Hero when its all said and done.
Sergio Garcia - I really realy hope Sergio was in charge of team fashion. All pink monotone would bring out European pride.
David Howell - Can I make a captains pick and drop David Howell and bring in Ian Poultier so I can get some hilarious pants in the mix? Probably not, but it makes sense.
Colin Montgomerie - The old vet has been on these Ryder Cup teams for over a decade, and don't be surprised if his pairing lines up against Tigger on opening day.
Paul Casey - Fresh off a match play tourny victory, can he remain hot.
Robert Karlsson - A mainstay on the European tour, doesn't venture to the states very often and therefore I have little familiarity.
Padraig Harrington - Paddy has been very inconsistant this season on the tour and really hasn't threatened on any of the majors.
Paul McGinley - Not sure I've seen him play much.
Jose Maria Olazábal - An old vet with tons of Ryder Cup experience, you have to like his chances to pick up a couple of points this weekend.
Darren Clarke - After the loss of his wife to cancer Clarke was excellent selection by the Captain Woosnam not only will he be fired up to play but he will inspire the remainder of his teammates.
Lee Westwood - I like this selection from Woosnam as well, he could have chosen Daniel Chopra instead, but Westwood has Ryder Cup experience and will show British pride and will be a tough defeat.

The Prediction

I think this is going to be a close match but in the end I think that the Irish have ticked off Tiger enough for him to win atleast 4 points this weekend, and I think that the Americans finally have built a solid commrodery that will elevate them in front of the Europeans. 15 to 13 US Victory

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NFL Week 3 Pick Suggestions

Here are 5 games that I think are the best options this week to bet on.

5. Atlanta (-3 1/2) @ New Orleans

Despite the heart warming home coming and the inspiration that the Saints will gather from playing in New Orleans for the first time since pre-Katrina, the Falcons are just a better team and 3 1/2 points really isn't much. This one to be is a safe bet, but I'd probably avoid it similarly to avoiding Jet games, since I know I'm going to rout for the Saints to pull out a victory. So if you have no heart this ones for you.

4. Jacksonville (+8 1/2) @ Indianapolis

The Jaguars always play the Colts strong and even play them strong in Indy, having lost by a td there last year and beaten them in Indy in 2004. The Jaguars are playing exceptionally well, the Colts have a questionable rushing attack and Freeney and Vinatieri are questionable for the game. If this spread stays above a touchdown, which it might cause no one gives the Jaguars any love, ever, take the Jaguars and the points, and expect a tight game.

3. Baltimore (- 6 1/2) @ Cleveland

Baltimore has looked phenomenal, much to my dismay and surprise, and Cleveland eh not so much. The Browns still have Frye at QB and this is going to be a rough year for them. Baltimore easily goes into Cleveland and passes the points.

2. Green Bay (+6 1/2) @ Detroit

Favre is old, but why in gods name is Detroit getting 6 /12 in this game. Detroit stinks they haven't scored more than 7 points in any game and despite the Packers not being a good team they are better than the Lions. They have a better QB, a better RB, and Driver is the equal of Roy Williams. Take the Packers take the points. Brett isn't going to fall to 0-3.

1. Washington (-3 1/2) @ Houston

Houston still is terrible they still can't protect David Carr and 3 /12 points to give up is next to nothing. The Redskins will have Portis back this week and should be able to win this game by double digits due to their desperation, if they can't pull out this game then they can kick their playoff aspirations to the curb. "Dollah Bill" brings his funky self back into the fold and rushes his way to a big game and some nice honeys post game.

The Rest

Chicago (-3 1/2) over Minny... Still not a Minny Believer
New York Jets (+5 1/2) over Buffalo... Jet Homer
Miami (-10 1/2) over Tennessee... Tennessee Sucks
Tampa Bay (+3 1/2) over Carolina... if Smith doesn't play
Cinciniatti (+ 2 1/2) over Pittsburgh... if Burger plays like crap again they lose
Seattle (-3 1/2) over New York Giants... Homefield
San Fran (+6 1/2) over Philly... Just a hunch it will be close
St. Louis (+4 1/2) over Zona... Bulger due for big game
New England (-6 1/2) over Denver... No Offense for Denver in the Razor

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Tuesday Night Baseball Results

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last Weeks Picks

Win - Loss – 6 – 9
RBI Machine - 2 for 15
Winning Pitcher - 5 for 15

Lock Selections

13-5 ...... Went with the Yanks
5 for 18 .. I'm coming for you Ricky-Bobby, worked out
8 for 18 .. So much for the Giants bouncing back from getting rocked monday night

Seasons Total

Win - Loss - 151 - 119
RBI Machine - 38 for 270
Winning Pitcher – 103 for 270

Weeks Recap

Ugh two bad weeks in a row, I even had some solid blown saves in their last night to thwart what could have been atleast a .500 night. I'm coming down the stretch like the Red Sox.

Seasons Best

Win - Loss - 12-3 on 6/14
RBI Machine - 5 for 15 on 7/25
Winning Pitcher - 10 for 15 on 8/29

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Tom Verducci: Currently Enemy #1

This guy comes out a month after the actual story with a few new quotes that only he has and now once again A-Rod is a hot topic. Ugh, way to waste countless hours of my sports talk radio listening on the same Arod topic that was boring to talk about almost the immediate second it started.

Verducci while being interviewed on Mike & Mike this morning, admitted that the majority of the quotes he recieved for this article were amidst Arod's major slump, which was a full month ago. I don't care about Giambi's quotes or Arod's quote. Giambi along with every other Yankee said that Arod needed to perform. And Arod made the typical, speak before I open my mouth statement.

We get it, Arod is a loner, he doesn't have a ton of friends on the team. He's a private guy who has a better personality for a individual sport like golf than a team sport like baseball. We get this we've known this, its old news, now the opening remarks on all New York Sports radio talk shows as well as segments on PTI, Around the Horn, Sportscenter, etc. will resolve around an old issue which I am completely sick of listening to.

Thanks Tom, for publishing something a month late, with a few interesting quotes to revive a dead story.

While you're at it lets get some quotes about Barry Bonds sucking down horse testosterone or Pete Rose at the track so we can discuss those like their new.

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Tuesday Night Baseball Picks

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Twins vs. Red Sox Braves vs. Nats
Winner - Twins Winner - Braves
RBI Machine - Mauer RBI Machine - Andruw
WP - Garza WP - James

Yanks vs. Blue Jays Mets vs. Marlins
Winner - ***Yanks*** Winner - Marlins
RBI Machine - ***Abreu*** RBI Machine - Cabrera
WP - Karstens WP - Olsen

Tigers vs. Chi Sox BrewCrew vs. Cards
Winner - Chi Sox Winner - BrewCrew
RBI Machine - Konerko RBI Machine - Prince
WP - Freddy WP - Sheets

Angels vs. Royals Reds vs. Astros
Winner - Royals Winner - Astros
RBI Machine - DeJesus RBI Machine - Berkman
WP - De La Rosa WP - Pettite

Seattle vs. Rangers San Fran vs. Rocks
Winner - Rangers Winner - Gigantes
RBI Machine - Big Tex RBI Machine - Bonds
WP - Volquez WP - ***Cain***

Oreos vs. Drays Phils vs. Cubs
Winner - Os Winner - Cubs
RBI Machine - Hernandez RBI Machine - Aramis
WP - Loewen WP - Hill

Indians vs. As Dbacks vs. Padres
Winner - As Winner - Padres
RBI Machine - Monopoly RBI Machine - Giles
WP - Saarloos WP - Hensley

Pitt vs. Dodgers
Winner - Dodgers
RBI Machine - Nomar
WP - Kuo

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NFL Week 2 Review

Week 2 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: The Iggles, The Giants did not deserve this game but the Iggles led by Captain UnClutch Donovan McNabb decided they didn't like 1st downs anymore in the 4th quarter and they also liked giving up TDs, congrats on not gaining a huge advantage in the NFC East, and I'm sure you're looking forward to your pass rush minus The Freak. Runners Up: Tampa Bay doesn't like points, Oakland they don't like 'em either

Cough Cough Cough: Roy Williams, he deserves this for being a complete friggin idiot, not only does he come out and guarantee a win and not even come close, but he celebrates a first down after they are already getting beatdown and when asked he said something along the lines of it doesn't matter what the score is I'm an entertainer, alright Roy here's what you should do with your money, buy a muzzle, shut up. Runners Up: Chris Gamble just cause the coach calls a dumb play doesn't mean you have to do it, Daunte Culpepper likes fumbling and not scoring against a youthful and bad Buffalo team

This Scaircrow Needs a Brain: John Fox, Wow John running a Music City Miracle play while up by 7 points when your defense was dominating and Chris Gamble throws spirals similar to mine. You deserved to lose this game in OT after you brain cramp, and if you don't get Steve Smith back soon you're going to find yourself on a nice golf course in early January. Runner Up: Andy Reid who decided to try to rush the ball, when they have no good running back and then stopped getting first downs.

The Shocker: Buffalo Bills, In Miami, with JP Losman as your QB, you dominated the Dolphins and only gave up a meaningless touchdown in the final seconds. Runners Up: 49ers getting an early win at home, Jaguars the shutout was a mild surprise.

The Pimp: Ryan Logwell, Kicked 3 field goals and threw the touchdown pass on a flee-flicker like fake field goal, get your pimp on Ryan. Runners Up: Pick a QB, Peyton, Brees, Eli and Palmer all had huge games.

You Got JAKKED UP: If you didn't see Chad Johnson get lit up like a Christmas Tree then you missed out, not only was it late in the game and was pretty much a meaningless time for him to be in the game, but Carson tossed led him right into the safety who hit him so hard his helmet popped right off and he received a nice gash on his chin. To add to that it was an interception.

My Fantasy MVP: Drew Brees and his ginormous mole came through with over 350 yards passing to help lead my team to a 2-0 start.

New York Jets MVP: Laveraneus Coles turned into Jerry Rice in the second half and was eluded many tackles in getting the Jets back into contention but the game was thwarted by the Jets lack of a rushing attack and their inability to shutdown Tom Brady on 3rd down.

My Picks

My Picks: 12-4
Preseason Picks: 11-5
Picks Vs. Spread: 10-6

Much Better than the first week of the season, the only pick I changed from my initial preseason picks was the choice of the Ravens over the Raiders now that I know that the Raiders are the worst team in the league.

Week 2 Extra Quick Notes

~Big Ben looked like the worst QB in the league last night, not only did his team produce no offensive production throughout the whole game but almost every pass he threw was off the mark, he showed zero accuracy and helped make a solid Jaguars defense look like the Steel Curtain.

~How about them Niners and Alex Smith actually having a good game, good for them maybe they'll end up with 8th pick in the draft and not the 1st or 2nd.

~As a Jet fan I'm glad they showed some fight and fought back against the Pats, I thought they were dead and am pleased even while still disappointed. Also, I'm ecstatic that Lieutenant Liar Herman Edwards is 0-2 with the Chiefs, have fun out there Hermy.

~Washington was the most over-rated team coming into this season, and if Clinton Po doesn't come back with a vengeance they're in line for a 6 win season.

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Stretch Run Baseball

Monday, September 18, 2006

And down the stretch they come, two weeks to go and there are two divisions which will have competition and of course Bud Selig's baby the Wildcard, so per Perras' request here's my stretch run predictions.

AL Central Race

Detroit Tigers: A one game lead is a far cry from where the Tigers were months ago, but a 5 game lead over the White Sox despite, a 3 game series in Chicago gives them a large amount of breathing room down the stretch. If they can win would in Chicago they should be home free having 5 games with the Royals remaining.
Remaining Schedule: 3 @CWS, 1 @BAL, 3 @KC, 3 TOR, 2 KC
Question Marks: How about their weak lineup, their incredibly inexperienced pitching, the slippage over the past two months and their inability this season to perform against good team. This squad better win the division or they can expect to get hammered by the New York Yankees in the first round.
What's Working in their Advantage: It's a nice story that the Tigers are having a great season, but they are the weakest team in the AL with a chance to make the postseason. They have a solid staff, but nobody is going to look at Verlander, Bonderman, Kenny Rogers, and Nate Robertson and not expect to win.
Loftiest Expectations: The farthest the Tigers should expect to get is the AL Championship series, too much inexperience to conquer the likes of the Yankees or White Sox.

Minnesota Twins: The Twins have expanded their lead to 4 games in the wildcard so they could make those two games at home versus the White Sox meaningless, this is needed as they will desperately want Santana to be their game 1 Wildcard series starter.
Remaining Schedule: 3 @BOS, 3 @BAL, 4 KC, 2 CWS
Question Marks: After Santana they have what starting pitching? A bunch of no named rookies, are you going to fear Boof Bonser, Matt Garza, or Carlos Silva in a playoff series don't think so.
What's Working in their Advantage: They have a team built for the Metrodome and they have Santana and Nathan the best one two punch starter closer in the majors.
Loftiest Expectations: Too much effort will be needed for the Twins to make the playoffs, they will get dumped round one after they win the Wild Card or sneak away with the division.

Chicago White Sox: The most disappointing team in the league this season, with limited injury problems the White Sox need to play out of their heads in order to make the playoffs.
Remaining Schedule: 3 DET, 4 SEA, 3 @CLE, 2 @MIN
Question Marks: Inconsistent all around, they played poorly in the first half and put themselves in a spot where they had the most difficult remaining schedule between their two division rivals. One day they look phenomenal the next they stink, you don't know what you're getting from their lineup or their pitchers.
What's Working in their Advantage: The slugfest of Dye, Konerko and
Loftiest Expectations: If they can get their they can win it all but they've put themselves in a position where they are going to need to sweep at minimum two of the four series to get in.

NL West & Wildcard

San Diego Padres: Taken the lead away from the Dodgers, tonights game pitting Peavy and Penny is huge to either give the lead back or strengthen their position.
Remaining Schedule: 1 @LAD, 3 ARI, 3 PIT, 3 @STL, 3 @ARI
Question Marks: Hitting. Wow a team with questionable hitting amazing. Giles has been better of late but they are still unsure as to how to form their lineup and Todd Walker in the heart of the order is pitiful.
What's Working in their Advantage: 4 solid above average starting pitchers. And the NL closer of the year in Hoffman who might be having his best season of all time.
Loftiest Expectations: Dumped in the second round, Peavy, Woody, Wells, Young could get them through the first round but it would be difficult for them to perform favorably offensively two consecutive series.

Los Angeles Dodgers:
Remaining Schedule: 1 SD, 3 PIT, 3 ARI, 3 @COL, 2 @SF
Question Marks: More Hitting, JD Drew underperformed, Kent injury prone, Nomar weak 2nd half, etc. They need to put up more runs.
What's Working in their Advantage: A good pitching rotation with solid playoff experience behind Maddux, Lowe and Penny, all holding World Series starts.
Loftiest Expectations: Dumped in the first round, if the Dodgers get in they will be dumped by either the Cards or the Mets in the first round, they just don't match up well with either.

Philadelphia Phillies:
Remaining Schedule: 3 CHC, 3 FLA, 1 HOU, 3 @WAS, 2 @FLA
Question Marks Can they get in? The matchups against the Marlins are more difficult than any of the remaining games than either the Dodgers or the Padres have on their schedule. The Phillies need to stay red hot in order to get in.
What's Working in their Advantage: They're streaking, the staved off division elimination by gaining a sweep this weekend, they are getting solid pitching from vets like Moyer and Lieber a rook in Hamels and a Wife Beater in Brett Myers.
Loftiest Expectations: NL Champion, the Phillies are the hottest team in the NL, and a Wild Card winner with a hot streak usually gets into the series, the Phils however need to get to the playoffs before they have the chance to exceed.

Locked Up

NY Mets: The Mets had a fun weekend getting swept by the Pirates of all teams but despite this they need a single victory to lock up the division and pretty much have homefield in the NL locked up as well.
Question Marks: Despite their NL dominance this team has many question marks. A smaller questionmark lies with how their young studs, Reyes and Wright will handle the pressure of their first playoff experience. However this concern is dwarfed by their starting pitchers concern. With a banged up and old Pedro and Glavine coming off a rough few months if neither are what they used to be the Mets could be one of those great regular season teams to be dropped early in the playoffs due to weak starting pitching.
What's Working in their Advantage: Homefield, the best line up in the NL. The possible re-emergence of the playoff god that was Carlos Beltran. Little fear of the wildcard team or anyone else in the NL for that matter.
Loftiest Expectations: World Series loser, the Mets do not have the pitching to match up and overpower an AL team.

NY Yankees: A 4 game magic number with 2 weeks to play will allow the Yankees to clinch while maintaining rest for Mariano and give them the time to arrange their postseason rotation accordingly.
Question Marks: Starting Pitching, is a New York worry for everybody. Who is the #4 starter, Wright or Lidle? Neither is a solid option. In addition the lack of consistency of Johnson as well as the incredible difference between Wang at home and on the road give other teams hope.
What's Working in their Advantage: The strength of the bullpen behind Proctor, Farnsworth, Villone and of course Mo. The depth of the lineup with the possibility of Robinson Cano, 3rd in the AL in average batting 9th. The competition, the fact that the Angels and Red Sox are all but eliminated from the playoffs makes any Yankee fan ecstatic that they may only have to go through the youthful As, Twins and Tigers to make the series.
Loftiest Expectations: World Series Champions, the Yankees have the best line up and arguably the best bullpen and the fact that the Angels and Sox are not around, a loss before the World Series would be even more disappointing then normal.

St. Louis Cardinals: A 7 game lead with two weeks to go is a lock and will find them battling the champion of the either the NL West or the Phillies if they can sneak away with the wildcard.
Question Marks: The theme of top 3 teams that have pretty much clinched is their biggest issue is who is going to step up in their rotations. Chris Carpenter and then what? Marquis, Suppan, Dreamweaver, that strikes the fear in no one. In addition Izzy has been one of the most unreliable closers this season. Finally Edmonds the third best hitter on the team is still recovering from his dizzy spells and they will need him in the pos season to advance.
What's Working their Advantage: Albert Pujols, this is what they have that no one else does, a clutch hitter who can single handedly carry a team through a playoff series.
Loftiest Expectations: National League Champions, will need to win the Wild Card series with enough time to give Carpenter the option of 3 starts and then they have the possibility to win the NL.

Oakland A's: Another team with a 7 game lead, this one slightly more under the radar. Frank Thomas is on fire during the month of September and they just toasted the White Sox in their weekend series.
Question Marks: Their question marks are similar to their strengths, what will their youth be able to do in the majorities first postseason. The A's have reloaded, but Blanton, Haren, Street, Duscherer, Crosby, etc. all have limited to no playoff experience, with Haren only having bullpen work with the Cards.
What's Working in their Advantage: Each of their pitchers have the ability to shut the opponents down. If Rich Harden comes back the 4 man rotation of Harden, Blanton, Haren and Zito will be the best in the AL if not baseball.
Loftiest Expectations: World Series Champions, the A's have never put it together in the playoffs largely to being matched up against superior Yankees and Red Sox rosters, this season if the A's pitching can get in line they have the talent to win it all.

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Week 3 College Football Power Rankings

Remember this is a Quality Victory Power Rankings

1. Ohio State Buckeyes - Their win at Texas still slightly puts them in the lead over Michigan, in addition to their two Gerber games. The difference between LSU, ND, and Texas is very marginal, but they knocked off the defending champions so numero uno.

2. Michigan Wolverines - Hail to the Victors, baby. Michigan walked into South Bend smacked Touchdown Jesus in the face and then punched Brady Quinn and Charlie Weis in the face. Not only did their offense look unstoppable against the Notre Dame defense which after two weeks was "much improved", but they just pounded Brady Quinn with hit after hit, he had to be half purple with bruises after the game.

3. Auburn Tigers - Well that was the typical SEC borefest where the defenses are massively more talented and athletic than the offense but Auburn got done what they needed to, they scored one touchdown. I agreed with the no call on the pass interference near the goal line so I'm not going to say the refs cost the Bayou Bengals the game. Auburn went out and held on. Also, start calling Kenny Irons Bentley cause he's better than a Cadillac, per request from my buddy Joe.

4. Florida Gators - Oh the one point victory in Rocky Top, makes me happy. These are things that we can establish after this game as well as the Auburn LSU game, the SEC is going to be a battle of a lot of really good teams and if any team gets out unscathed they should be in the National Championship game, no questions asked. No more screw Jobs like Auburn went through 2 years ago.

5. Southern Cal Trojans - I'm liking my National Title pick more each week, John David Booty was in control of this whole game against the Cornhuskers and after two games the Trojans have two impressive victories against two Big Conference opponents. This team is going to romp through their games until the face Notre Dame, and then they'll probably do the exact same thing that Michigan did to ND, throw the ball and take advantage of their corners who can't cover anybody.

6. Louisville Cardinals - I'm unsure if I want to congratulate the Cardinals and the beatdown they gave the U, if they can still think they can call themselves by a single letter, or proclaim that Larry Coker should be fired right now and that Miami is really a piece of garbage right now. Anyway a 31-7 victory over Miami was nice but similarly to TCU, this is their only remotely strong game for awhile so they may slide of other teams can fill their resumes.

7. Clemson Tigers - Their my highest one loss team because A) Their one loss was in overtime in a tough place to play in Chestnut Hill and the reason they lost was a missed extra point and B) They went into Tallahassee and dominated the Seminoles from start to finish, and even the points that Bobby Bowden was lucky to see up on the board were a result of Clemson's kicker. So if Clemson just got one of the legions of Gramatica brothers they'd be good.

8. Boston College Eagles - Yes they beat Clemson, but they are lower then them cause, they beat them by one point and they don't have a win against FSU under their belt, and they stunk this weekend against BYU at home.

9. Tennessee Volunteers - The #2 one loss team on this list, the Volunteers still have the beatdown of California under their belt to prove that the SEC is immensely more talented then every other conference in the country and they have a 1 point squeeker loss to a very good Gators squad. The Volunteers are for real this season, but will propbably be subject to one or two more losses due to their very difficult schedule. They played well but couldnt get it done.

10. Texas Christian Horned Frogs - Now that they've got their one and only needed impressive victory out of the way they will most likely run the table and find themselves in a BCS game. They did something saturday that hasn't happened to Texas Tech in 6 years, they held TT without a touchdown. Even those great Oklahoma and Texas defenses of the past couldn't do that. That's pretty good, too bad they have no more good games on their schedule so chances are they fall off this Quality Victories Power Rankings in a week or so.

11. Georiga Bulldogs - The win against Steve Spurrier still holds a low spot on the rankings for the Bulldogs

Dropped Out: ND, FSU, Oregon, Boise St., Pitt, Rutgers

Past Power Rankings: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Where's Oregon you may ask, last week I said they would vault towards the top of the rankings with a win over Oklahoma, well while the final stats say Victory for the Ducks, the W goes under the Referees belt. Not only did he blow the on-side kick call to give Oregon the ball and any chance of a come back, but they had another bogus instant replay where they couldn't conclusively say the ball was tipped even though the rotation of the ball completely changed mid flight. Dumb asses, no dice for you Oregon you don't deserve it.

Colorodo has transformed into on of the worst teams in the country losing their first three games by a combined 80 points. Ouch.

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Last Tuesday Night Results

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Last Weeks Picks

Win - Loss – 4 – 11
RBI Machine - 1 for 15
Winning Pitcher - 1 for 15

Lock Selections

12-5 ...... Lone Bright Spot got one lock right
4 for 17 .. No soup for Giles in an 0-for
8 for 17 .. Capuano has crapped the bed

Seasons Total

Win - Loss - 145 - 110
RBI Machine - 36 for 255
Winning Pitcher – 98 for 255

Weeks Recap

I'm embarrassed by this performance in fact I'm going to basically hide this away, and say I posted it on Saturday in hopes that no one looks at it and laughs at how friggin pathetic it was.

Seasons Best

Win - Loss - 12-3 on 6/14
RBI Machine - 5 for 15 on 7/25
Winning Pitcher - 10 for 15 on 8/29

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College Gameday Becoming a Sham?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Through the years I have always enjoyed College Gameday, while I'm not a religous observer it certainly fills what is otherwise a typically dull and hungover saturday morning. However, I noticed this week that Gameday has decided to forego classic matchups of LSU vs. Auburn, Michigan vs. ND and Florida vs. Tennessee, for what you may ask, or already know if you are more than an uninformed peon, Nebraska visiting Southern Cal, a game with an 18 point spread. Then it hit me, Gameday is simply following the ABC primetime broadcast, A) To help promote and improve ratings and B) Herbstreit is working these games so he isn't going to do gameday in South Bend and then fly out to LA mid day.

Here's my problem, Gameday is going against its roots and its format, not only have they tried to go to the best game every week in the past in addition to going to some storied games like Army Navy, or Grambling, and now not so much but its annoying watching Herbstreit at the end of the telecast not be able to pick the "big game" of the day because he is working it, and blah integrity blah blah. In addition I wish they just came out and said thats what their doing instead, Herbsreit when asked yesterday in a chat on ESPN said he was surprised when he found out that gameday was going to USC and that they don't find out where they are going until mid week, ya mid week when ABC decides which game they want to move to the 8:00 pm slot.

Yesterday I was searching for the schedule to reaffirm my beliefs and went to the Wikipedia site, where a bitter man, probably and SEC student ripped the show, it was quite humurous unfortunately it is fixed now so no need to give you the link. This did reaffirm my belief that wikipedia is the greatest site on the planet though given you can find anything you want in addition to occasional having someone mess up one of the definitions making me laugh, and i like laughter.

So basically if you go to an SEC school or Notre Dame good luck ever attending College Gameday, because all those games are broadcast on CBS or NBC and they surely won't want to promote a game on a network Disney doesn't own. Money, Money, Money, atleast I haven't seen Rocket "I'll take Notre Dame over a team with Jesus at QB, Muhammed at Wideout, and Moses at Tailback" Ismail in awhile.

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The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I lied, this week there are actually 7 matchups which pit ranked opponents against each other, this is easily the most important week of the early college season and could go down as the most influential week of 2006. Statistically speaking its the biggest weekend in 13 years. So lets begin:

7. Texas Tech vs. TCU

The Red Raiders for the second week in a row find themselves in an out of conference yet intrastate shootout. I believe in the Ghost of Ladainian will smack the Ghost of Kliff Karl Klingsbury (KKK) in the face and help lead the Horned Frogs to a very close victory. The Pick: TCU

6. Nebraska vs. Southern Cal

College Gameday is treating it like the number 1 game of the day, which I will bitch about at some point in time either today or tomorrow, but I see this as the 6th biggest game of the week because I just don't see it being overly competitive, I don't see it catching my interest and I foresee myself leaving for the bar before this game is over especially if the game on CBS which will notch spot #3 on the big list is also a weak contest. USC never went anywhere, the get the best recruits and they're not thrusting freshmen at the QB position, USC wins by 2 tds. The Pick: Southern Cal

5. Miami vs. Louisville

This game consists of two major storylines and one sidebar, one for each team and one for the whole Big East. First on Miami if they lose this game than Coker is going to start feeling the flaming hot iron beginning to sodomize him. This is a game that Miami did not lose ever in the Butch Davis or early Coker years, and with their massive advantage in recruiting they can not lose this game and save face. The exact opposite is the storyline for Louisville, they don't beat good teams, sure throw up 90 against Temple and Kentucky and people think you're good then you always fall flat on your face against a talented team like Miami. The sidebar is that West Virginia desperately needs the Cardinals to pull this one out, if they face a one loss Cardinal team with zero quality wins it won't mean much, if they face an undefeated Louisville they might be able to sneak in the back door to the title game. However, its not going to happen, without Michael Bush Lousville will be forced to pass too much against the still very good Miami defense and Coker saves hiss buttox for atleast one week. The Pick: The U

4. Oklahoma vs. Oregon

This is a bigger game than both Miami Louisville and USC Nebraska in my opinion because I see it as being more of a toss up and because its more of a showing of which conference is less of a shit show. If Oklahoma loses to Oregon then the Big 12 will turn into the biggest garbage major conference next to the Big East. In addition this game along with the Texas game are the two biggest game for Adrian Peterson's Heisman Candidacy. Also, this is a rematch of their Holiday Bowl clash at the end of last season. This time it will be a different outcome, due to the genious of Rhett Bomar and the home atmosphere in Eugene. The Pick: Oregon

3. Florida vs. Tennessee

Is Tennessee back? Is Chris Leak going to emerge as a Heisman Candidate after Saturday Night? Will Urban Meyer continue his second year success? Will Fat Ass Philip Fulmer finds himself back on the hot seat? If Erik Ainge has a nother huge game will the national media grasp that he should be sitting in top 3 of the Heisman rankings? I see this as the most difficult game to pick a winner this week. UT looked so good against Cal after they had been bad mouthed for a full year, then just reversed themselves Air Force and were lucky to get out alive. I really am just going to lean with Florida because I think Leak finally will have the big season that the Gator fans have expected for years. The Pick: Florida

2. Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Can't spell Lloyd without 4 Ls. And especially the big first road game that Michigan as lost for 6 consecutive seasons and unfortunately I can't pick with them. They havent won in South Bend in 12 years. They always lose in September. They are 1 -3 against Notre Dame the past 4 seasons, even though Notre Dame was miserable in the Willingham era, and last season the Wolverines choked mightily at home in a game they should have won, but made stupid mistakes such as fumbling on a QB sneak at the goalline. Expect Notre Dame to pull out a moderately high scoring game and win kneeling the ball down in the closing seconds. The Pick: Notre Dame

1. LSU vs. Auburn

Personally, I'll be stuck on the Michigan game because A) I'm a Wolverine fan and B) I expect LSU Auburn to be low scoring and Michigan ND to be high scoring. But in the scheme of things this is slightly bigger than ND Michigan because its an in conference game and could heavily decide the SEC West, and help lead either to an SEC Championship run. This season hands down the SEC is the best conference. After the beatdown Tennessee gave Cal, it appears as if they might be back, giving the SEC at this point 5 ligit National Championship contenders. Well, crunch time starts now lose and you're probably out. Auburn has the edge playing at home with the more consistant rushing game behind Kenny Irons, therefore the Tigers in Blue and Orange will beat the Tigers in Yellow and Light Urple. The Pick: Auburn

Note: You have to wonder why teams couldn't have been a little more creative when they thought up nicknames, how often do teams with the same ones go against each other. Atleast do something like distinguish what type of animal like Nittany Lions, instead of Lions. Therefore I propose LSU be called the Homosexual Purple Tigers of LSU. GEAUX Tigers.

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A Few Weird and Moronic Occurences

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

1. At the University of Northern Colorodo the backup punter was arrested on second-degree assault charges. Why because he stabbed the first string punter in the leg. Now I've heard of motivation to start, and bitterness of losing a starting position battle but to take it that far, and a punter out of all people a punter. Was he upset with his social standing, did he think that he was going to get all of the glorious hairy mountain beasts called ladies in Northern Colorodo. Or was his affair with the first string punter ruined by his jealousy and in a raged hissy fit he took out a knife and stabbed his former lovers most important appendage. Oh the mystery.

2. Roy Williams, the lions receiver, might be the best mathmetician on the planet. Not only did he come out and guarantee he was going to beat the Bears, a much better team, but he comes out and says that the Lions offense is unstoppable, and to top it all off he says they were stupid close to scoring 40 points against the Seahawks this weekend. They scored 6. Thats apparently within his range, anything within 34 is stupid close, so I was stupid close to hitting 35 varsity home runs in high school, Carl Pavano is stupid close to being a 20 game winner, I think if you ask Roy he can verify all those things.

3. Jerry Porter has certainly had an interesting few months at the Raiders facilities first he goes off about how he wants more money at the start of camp, then week 1 he's inactive and seen on the sideline laughin on a play when Aaron Brooks got sacked (meaning he was laughing at some point when the raiders had the ball, cause brooks got sacked on every play), then he denies cheering for that play, his excuse "I wasn't paying attention to the game." Talk about a guy that needs to be kicked out of town. First off Jerry, you're not very good, second off, do you think before you speak, did you ever think maybe there was a better excuse than dude i wasn't even watching.

4. To further the glomy mood that permenantly permeates the Kansas City Royals clubhouse, after the an inning ending strike by pitcher Runelvys Hernandez, Hernandez and catcher John Buck got into a heated exchange in the dugout and even threw punches at each other. Quite Humurous. The two actually both stayed in the game after the incident and somehow they won yet again on Tuesday Night. Where they've won 4 friggin weeks in a row and spoiled a pick 4 weeks in a row. So now, bet on the Royals on Tusday Nights its the Royale w/Cheese night of the week, and if you ever see a pitcher and catcher get into a fist fight mid game, they're going to win, I can say this because I've done a massive study where I was stupid close to seeing this happen 35 times.

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Tuesday Night Baseball Picks

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oreos vs. Red Sox BrewCrew vs. Pitt
Winner - Oreos Winner - BrewCrew
RBI Machine - Hernandez RBI Machine - Prince
WP - Cabrera WP - ***Capuano***

KC vs. Cleveland Mets vs. Marlins
Winner - Indians Winner - Marlins
RBI Machine - Peralta RBI Machine - Willingham
WP - Sowers WP - Johnson

Drays vs. Yanks Phils vs. ATL
Winner - ***Yanks*** Winner - Bravos
RBI Machine - Jeter RBI Machine - McCann
WP - Mussina WP - Davies

Rangers vs. Tigers Padres vs. Reds
Winner - Rangers Winner - Padres
RBI Machine - Big Tex RBI Machine - ***Giles***
WP - Padilla WP - Young

White Sox vs. Angels Astros vs. Cards
Winner - White Sox Winner - Astros
RBI Machine - Konerko RBI Machine - Berkman
WP - Buehrle WP - Pettitte

Twins vs. As Dodgers vs. Cubs
Winner - As Winner - Dodgers
RBI Machine - Thomas RBI Machine - Drew
WP - Saarloos WP - Lowe

Jays vs. Ms Nationals vs. Dbacks
Winner - Jays Winner - Nationals
RBI Machine - Rios RBI Machine - Zimmerman
WP - Marcum WP - Bergmann

Rocks vs. Gigantes
Winner - Gigantes
RBI Machine - Bonds
WP - Dirty Sanchez

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Week 2 Power Rankings

This is how I think the rankings should read. Rank the teams based on the impressiveness of their wins not what you perceive their talents as. So at this point in time if there were teams to be picked this is how they should be laid out. Beatdowns of crap teams don't mean anything to me so West Virginia, good luck getting high on this list with your stealing candy from a baby with cerebral palsy schedule. This would force schools to schedule difficult games and eliminate teams scheduling on Troy, Buffalo, and East Asshole U.

1. Ohio State: The first win didn't mean anything but the beat down they gave Texas will leave Ohio State in the top spot for awhile, their defense shut down McCoy, and even the td that the Longhorns scored was after the biggest nonsense roughing the passer penalty ever.

2. Notre Dame: You can say they struggled against Geogia Tech, but GT is a very good team that will probably end the season at 7-4 and the beatdown they have gave the Wimpy Lions of Penn St. was nice.

3. Georgia: Impressive in both victories, and now Mark Richt owns Steve Spurrier even it the big Cocks own stadium.

4. Tennessee: Certainly would be higher than Georgia if they didn't nap through the whole game against Air Force this weekend. But the beatdown of Cal still stands up as the third most impressive victory of the year behind the Buckeyes and ND's wins.

5. Florida St.: A win in Miami in any year is an impressive feat even if it was the sloppiest game my eyes have ever witnessed. Similarly to Tennessee they took a nap against Troy, but the strength of their win despite the piss poor performances vaults them above teams that have played on cupcakes.

6. Oregon: The mighty Ducks went in and got a solid victory at Fresno St. following the beatdown they gave in conference to Stanford a win versus Oklahoma will vault them to the near top of this list.

7. Boise St.: Yes Oregon St. isn't a top tier Pac 10 team but when your running back rushes for 5 tds on the smurf turf against a major conference program even if they are mid pack in the Pac 9+1 its still impressive.

8. Boston College: Pulling out a big conference win at home against a conference favorite and remaining undefeated lands you here over the snack food pounders.

9. Pittsburgh Panthers: Poor Al Groh getting shalacked in his first game, was just the start of a former Jets coach trend, as Parcells and Herm both lossed as well. Does Wanny have the Pitt program back to contention in the Big East? Probably Not, but for one week he lands here.

10. Southern Cal: Just as expected the Trojans went into Arkansas and slayed all Razorbacks on the premesis.

11. Rutgers: Hey West Virginia, look at Rutgers and how they are playing lower tier big conference opponents and beating them down instead lower tier 1 AA opponents. You have to like the 33-0 beatdown they handed to the Zooker and the win in Chapel Hill. Beat name teams, even if they aren't good.

Past Power Rankings: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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NFL Weekend Review

Monday, September 11, 2006

Week 1 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: The Tampa Bay Bend-Over Buccaneers just decided that because I said they were going to have a very very good season that they would take it up the rump week 1. And show no threat on offense or defense. Maybe the Ravens are going to be a good team this year but at home week 1 that was the worst possible way to start a season. Runners Up: Patriots 2 point slopfest win, Seahawks 9 point offense.

Cough Cough Cough: The weeks number one choker is a toss up, but the award goes to Jake Plummer who seems to have decided that he wants to become the turnover machine that we have all grown to love and adore in the past. Runners Up: Drew "I love to Pass to them Jaguars" Bledsoe, Mike Nugent 2 missed short FGs and an extra point to turn it from a blowout to a game.

The Shocker: I am not 100% surprised that Baltimore beat Tampa but the way they did was completely shocking. Tampa ate a heaping helping of shit sandwich. Runners Up: St. Louis over Denver, Atlanta over Carolina.

The Pimp: This weeks pimp is Donovan "I don't need no TO" McNabb. Sure it was against the Texans and we all know they blow, but 3 tds and a solid amount of yards has the feather back in McNabbs top hat. Runners Up: Kurt "I Love Week 1" Warner, Jeff "6 FGs" Wilkins.

You Got JAKKED UP: If you find a Kansas City helmet rolling around the streets with a head still inside it belongs to Trent Green, he doesnt remember how he lost his head, but he thinks he wants it back.

My Fantasy MVP: My week 1 fantasy MVP is easy, it was Frank Gore, man put up over 80 receiving and rushing yards and two tds for over 20 points helping me to a blow out week 1 victory.

New York Jets MVP: I'm a Jet fan therefore a Jet will get mentioned every week regardless of how they badly they get mauled, so this week Chadwick and his 319 yards and 2 tds is the easy winner.

My Picks

My Picks: 8-8
Preseason Picks: 9-7
Picks Vs. Spread: 6-10

So far this week is proving why I do not gamble on sports. I even changed my preseason picks and did worse because I switched to the Dolphins instead of the Steelers.

Week 1 Extra Quick Notes

~The Manning Bowl was a weird watch and I came away thinking the Gmen let one get through their grasp. Obviously the Colts have a solid team but their running game was putrid and if the Giants were able to hold onto one of the three Interceptions they had their hands on in the first half or if they didn't get so many stupid penalties which negated big plays I think they would have won the game. One way or another a tough game to swallow for any Giants fan. One thing to take away from the game as a Giants fan is that both Barber and Jacobs were beasts.

~The Jets should have destroyed the Titans the fact that they made me sweat is horrible and its all due to Mike Nugent's inability to kick. Terry Bradway the former Jets GM, made that stellar 2nd round pick.

~How many weeks will Drew Bledsoe torpedo the Cowboys season with untimely INTs, the parallel between Drew and Vinny T is incredible.

~First off why the hell did my local NYC and CT fox pick the Eagles Texans game for me to watch man that game sucked, and there was no thought of it being either a good or a big game. Secondly, David Carr still gets hit on every play, and they have no running game. By the end of the season Bush will have close to 1500 total yards and Williams will have a handful of sacks.

~That leads me to this Charlie Casserly, the guy who drafted Williams then resigned almost immediately, is the CBS PreGame Show "GM", where they ask him to respond to questions as a GM would think. Why do these networks hire horrible GMs like him and Steve Philips and expect us to respect their opinions.

~Green Bay blows & The Raiders Suck.

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2006 NFL Awards Prediction

Friday, September 08, 2006

MVP: Tom Brady

After the Pats trample everyone on their weak schedule and have the best record in the NFL at the conclusion of the season Brady will finally get the award he's probably deserved for several seasons.

Offensive Player of the Year: Carson Palmer

Weapons Weapons Weapons. That's what Palmer has at his disposal for the 2nd straight year. TJ Houshyamama will again put up big numbers as will Rudi and my boy Chad the Beaver. Thank the Lord that he has already surpassed that Chump Carson Daly as the most famous person on the planet named after Johnny Carson.

Defensive Player of the Year: Troy Polamalu

He's got the hype, he's off to a good start, and he is not going to slow down. The biggest key is the hype, he's going to put up good numbers, but the press always goes for the hype and for a team with a good defense. Troy has everything working for him so expect him to take home the award.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: DeAngelo Williams

Not starting week one could be an issue for DeAngelo winning the award but as soon as the inevitable happens, aka Deshaun Foster gets injured, DeAngelo will take the helm and not relinquish it. If he gains 1000 yards this season he will be a lock for the award, especially with the Panthers most likely making the playoffs.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: DeMeco Ryans

A defensive rookie of the year is typically a player who starts almost the whole season for their squad. Well Demeco is currently the number 1 middle linebacker on the Houston Texans roster meaning he will have ample amount of opportunities to put up numbers. In addition he will probably get some face time in spots saying he is outperforming #1 pick Mario Williams.

NFL Comeback Player of the Year: Daunte Culpepper

Don't let last nights two picks worry you, its a little rust factor, Culpepper isn't the greatest QB but he will put up huge numbers throughout the season with the cupcake schedule they begin next week. Culpepper has a few things working with him to win this award, 1st he was injured big time last year, 2nd he was miserable last season both of those lead to the award. Second he's got a good amount of weapons on his team and a feeble schedule.

Kicker of the Year: Shayne Graham

Sure this isnt really an award but I had to give a shout out to my Ginger Seperatist Movement brother Shayne. Redheads unite.

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The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

5. Texas Tech vs. UTEP

It may not seem like a big game to the typical outsider but battles within the borders of Texas, that don't include North Texas at Austin, are usually a big deal. This should be a shootout and it will be intriguing for those looking at possible pro QBs to watch Jordan Palmer in a big game and see if he has any of his Big Bro's ability. The Pick: UTEP

4. Clemson vs. Boston College

A big time match up for whatever division these teams reside in, the Coastal or Atlantic or however they split their moronic division alignment. Clemson is ranked high for who really knows why and BC is off the radar. But one thing BC has working for them is that every single team that comes up to Chesnut Hill needs to charter a flight and sit around in an uncomfortable hotel room. I won't be a believer in Clemson til after this game, if I'm proven wrong. The Pick: BC

3. Georgia vs. South Carolina

The Ole Ball Coach hosts Georgia a team he dominated while in Gainesville but faltered against last year. If Carolina wants to really threaten for the SEC East title this year this is a huge game. A win against Georgia would not only thrust the Gamecocks into the top 25 but it would give USC a 2-0 start to their conference and people will start the whispers of how good Spurrier really is. Not gonna happen though, Georgia typically chokes down the stretch not week 2. The Pick: Georgia

2. Penn St. vs. Notre Dame

The second game of Notre Dame's big time September Schedule which fades into cupcake after cupcake before the finale at USC. Penn St. heads to South Bend as a big time underdog after having to replace much of their one loss team last season, while Notre Dame comes off a solid victory but not one that made anybody think wow Notre Dame is really good. Well this week I think Notre Dame is going to make you say wow, and much to Grutts dismay the Nitney Lions are going to get trampeled by Tuxedo T-Shirt Touchdown Baby Jesus. The Pick: Notre Dame

1. Ohio State vs. Texas

A matchup of the #1 and #2 teams in the polls, yippy, personally I don't quite understand why Texas moved up after they beat up on a high school team last week. One thing I personally dislike is how this game is a primetime game, I hate primetime on saturday, primetime on saturday should be out at a bar, day time on saturday should be drinking and watching college footall, they really are kicking me in the groin with these big time matchups on saturday nights. This year the Buckeyes go into to Austin and take it home because one start for Colt against the team from Unnecessary Roughness will not prepare him for the young and talented OSU squad. The Pick: The Ohio State University

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Tuesday Night Results

Yesterdays Picks

Win - Loss – 6 – 9
RBI Machine - 3 for 15
Winning Pitcher - 2 for 15

Lock Selections

11-5 ...... Come on KC Won three weeks in a row, I'm going with this until they lose
4 for 16 .. Lance helps out post rain out
8 for 16 .. Nice that the Yanks did nothing to help Muss out

Seasons Total

Win - Loss - 141 - 99
RBI Machine - 35 for 240
Winning Pitcher – 97 for 240

Weeks Recap

Um Ya five of the teams I picked to win got shutout, so I would categorize this as pretty much a terrible week.

Seasons Best

Win - Loss - 12-3 on 6/14
RBI Machine - 5 for 15 on 7/25
Winning Pitcher - 10 for 15 on 8/29

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2006 NFL Season & Playoff Predictions

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Now that I've broken down each division over the past two weeks it is time for me to do my playoff predictions. To wrap up here's what I see the the NFL playoff seeds lining up as.

1. NFC South Champs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-4
2. NFC West Champs: Seattle Seahawks 12-4
3. NFC North Champs: Chicago Bears 11-5
4. NFC East Champs: New York Giants 10-6
5. NFC Wildcard #1: Carolina Panthers 11-5
6. NFC Wilcard #2: Dallas Cowboys 9-7

1. AFC East Champs: New England Patriots 14-2
2. AFC West Champs: San Diego Chargers 12-4
3. AFC South Champs: Indianapolis Colts 11-5
4. AFC North Champs: Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
5. AFC Wilcard #1: Miami Dolphins 13-3
6. AFC Wildcard #2: Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6

Wild Card Weekend

Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears

The Cowboys will come into this game and do the exact same thing that happened last year to the Bears. They will expose the fact that the Bears are weak at the quarterback position and have a limited offense. The Cowboys will pull out a low scoring game. Winner: Cowboys

Carolina Panthers vs. New York Giants

A rematch of last seasons wildcard game. Here are the reasons why the results will be different: 1) Eli has another year of experience and will be much more comfortable in the playoff game 2) Last season the Giants had zero linebackers left during the playoffs, this year they made a solid effort to build depth at that position 3) The Giants have built up depth at running back with an emerging Brandon Jacobs and depth at wideout with drafting Sinorice Moss. Winner: Gmen

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Another playoff rematch, this time coming a week earlier in the schedule. With the loss of the Bus and the decline of the effectiveness of the trick play the Steelers offense will be diminished. In addition it would be surprising if the small Willie Parker was still healthy heading into the playoffs. By the playoffs the Colts will have established a go to running back and this along with Peyton's desire to get closer to the Superbowl, but not make it, has the Colts beating the Steelers with relative ease. Winner: Colts

Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals

If my predictions hold then the Dolphins will be heading into this game as the hottest team in the NFL running off a big streak of games prior to the playoffs. However, that won't stop them from going into Cincy and laying a large egg. A Healthy Palmer puts on a show versus the Dolphins and leads the Bengals on a voyage to New England. Winner: Bengals

Divisional Playoffs

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Bucs

The Cowboys come in off a strong victory over the Bears and battle the Bucs in a low scoring ball possession showdown. In the end the Bucs use their large homefield advantage to take down the Cowboys and advance to host the Championship game. Winner: Buccaneers

New York Giants vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Giants come into Qwest field for the third time in two years. Qwest field is one of the loudest stadiums and provides a phenomenal homefield advantage the Seahawks will jump on the Gmen, will control the ball with Shaun Alexander and will win the game comfortably. So the third time will not be a charm and the Seahawks will move on to play in Tampa Bay. Winner: Seahawks

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots

A Battle between two gun slinging quarterbacks from two big time schools. The winner will be the Wolverine but the difference will bethe cold weather at the razor, big Bill, and the Pats defense and experience. Winner: Patriots

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers for the second time in three years will pull out the AFC West and host a playoff game. However, once again the will go down to the traveling squad. Peyton Manning leads the Colts in San Diego through a shootout only to stare down his arch nemesis the Patriots. Winner: Colts

Conference Championships

NFC Championship: Seattle Seahawks vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Never big in a clutch spot at Texas, Chris Simms starts thinking about his papa and how much he was revered in New York after his Super Bowl victory and how its his time to shine. He looks around the stadium and sees the cannon firing and Cadillac warming up and he says to himself that there is no way pansies from Seattle will come into our house and take this chance away from me. After one half down by 14 after throwing two INTs he remembers how stupid Mack Brown was for starting him over Major Applewhite. Winner and NFC Champions: Seahawks

AFC Championship: Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

Peyton gets to head into the Razor for redemption he stares down the Pats Defense during warmups, looks Brady and Vrabel and Bruschi in the eyes on the coin flip and thinks to himself how he's going to shred the Pats Defense up and how this is his year and how he wouldn't want to get to the Superbowl any other way but knocking off the Pats. Then the game starts and he pulls a Peyton Manning and the Pats win by 10. Winner and AFC Champions: Patriots

Super Bowl XLI: Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots

A battle between one team trying to become the greatest dynasty in NFL history and a team that is still bitter and angry over the miserable officiating in last years superbowl. A QB whose father was a Tight End for the Pats against & a stud linebacker whose father played on the same Pats squad versus current players that will forever be idols and heros in New England. Both teams are loaded with experience and neither will be fearful of the challenge. In the end the Seahawks will break the super bowl losers curse, they will break the Madden curse, they will get the NFC back in the driver seat, and they will beat the Patriots and the evil Tom Brady.

Winner and Super Bowl XLI Champions: Seattle Seahawks

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