A Sad Day No More Stableford

Monday, February 12, 2007

You know what I'm talking about, well perhaps you don't but some of you do. That one random weekend when you're watching ESPN and the bottom line comes on and you see that the leader of the current PGA Golf tournament is sitting at +25 and you're thinking to yourself damn I could shit a +25. Then you tell your buddy who's smarter than you, someone like me, and he tells you that they're using some bogus point system called the Stableford system. Basically to sum it up it's some drunk guys scoring system which gives 5 points to eagles 2 points to a birdie and negative points to bogeys and such. Now you know what I'm talking about, still no, well don't worry about. This weekend The International the only PGA tournament that uses this system got canned due to lack of sponsorship. Any wonder why they couldn't get sponsorship? Random guess why a golf tourny in this day in age can't get quality sponsors? How about the fact that Tiger Woods does not play in the tourny, probably because of the lame scoring or he might want to do something to his wife and/or her twin sister, and thus fans don't give two shits about it. Without Tiger Woods golf really is almost nothing to pop culture, its quite amazing how much of an effect he has had and continues to have on the tour.

R.I.P. Stableford Scoring System, 2/8/07

The Stableford lived a brief tragic and futile life and was unable to appeal to the common man or their triumphant leader.

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