WHAMMY and Down Goes Cuban

Friday, May 04, 2007

~So Mark, how bout getting into Major League baseball, perhaps you could win as many championships with the Cubbies as you have with the Mavs. A whopping zero, nada, nilch, nunca, cero. How pissed off must you be right now? Last year you grab a 2-0 lead against the Heat and 90% of the analysts say stick a fork in the Heat their done. And then your team goes out and gets snuffed 4 in a row. And this year you put together one of the greatest regular seasons in NBA history only to lose in the first round to a team that needed to win their final game of the regular season just to make it. OUCH.

~Speaking of Ouch, Dirk what happened buddy. 1 for 10 in the first half, and a total of 2 FGs and 8 total points for the entire game? And you're going to win the MVP. What a joke. How many games in a row did Jordan score 10+ points? Every game of his Bulls career? How can you not show up at all in a game where your team is on the brink of being eliminated in the most embarrassing upset in NBA History? I'll give you the fact that you dragged your teams corpse up on Tuesday and won that game, but last night a no show. Seriously? Can we reneg the MVP now. Can we at minimum put an asterisk next it and say, MVP of 07 simply because he has good stats and his team won 67 games, then neither he or his team showed up in the playoffs, and we realize that we should have voted for Nash again.

~Stephen Jackson was a deadeye last night. In the 3rd quarter he buried 4 threes and that helped pushed the Warriors well in front of the Mavs.

~Speaking of Stephen Jackson, wow I was completely wrong with my assessment of that trade midseason. I thought it diminished the Pacers from a talent perspective and it did, but I just didn't see it doing much for the Warriors and quote "viable playoff team. Um How about no." So ya, dead wrong on my end.

~Hey Golden St. I know you just pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Basketball history but how about not treating it like you just won the NBA finals. I mean body surfing the crowd, and these closet Warrior fans, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson and Snoop Dogg? Where the hell are these guys coming from? Um Long Beach is nowhere near Oakland Snoop, how could you possibly be parading around in a Warriors jersey as if your not a Laker fan. Forshame Snoop, you're not having a good month.

~So all around I think the NBA lost with this Warriors win. Sure it was a great series and gives the thought that anything can happen in a playoff series, but who's looking forward to a possible Warriors Jazz series? No one will be pumped for that series. So everyone will divert their attention to the Phoenix and San Antonio, that's great, but isn't that effectively the NBA finals now that the Mavericks are out? So because of your piss poor playoff system, the most important series in the entire NBA playoffs occurs next week, and is followed by two series which more than likely are just the finishing touches for the winner of game 7 in Phoenix between the Spurs and Suns. This could easily be fixed if they just did the NHL reseeding policy. It's not that hard, get it done David. The NBA finals should not happen in round 2.

~When you think about it here are the potentially good series left in the NBA playoffs, Suns Spurs, Bulls Pistons, Rockets Spurs, Warriors Suns. Those are the only four combos I'm really interested in. I certainly won't care for any series involving the Cavs, Nets or Jazz. David cannot be very thrilled with this result.

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