Bill Simmons is Now Crying

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bill Simmons has been insulted and I don't know if he will stop crying over. He sent in an application to become the President of Red Sox Nation (More on that later) and well Remy took him to town and literally threw his application in the trash. Here are a few quotes from Remy dumping "The Sports Guy":

That’s enough for one night but I’m telling you, some of this stuff is unbelievable. This Simmons goes right to the trash. The sports guy he calls himself. He wants free tickets. And he’s ripping my health. And he’s ripping Mike O’Malley of all people.

So Bill you've been ripped by the biggest Red Sox icon are you going to survive, will you be able to write any more columns and are you overly sad that the Remdog doesn't know who you are? And for someone who is a columnist you must have really blew some wording to tick off the Remdog. How do you write something that he reads as Remy might die any second. Not a good way to win an election.

RIP July 17, 2007
Here Lies Bill Simmons a broken and defeated man, put down by one of his great heroes the Remdog Simmons could not recover.

OK finally I just want to rant about this whole Red Sox Nation crap. Enough already you're a friggin fan base, every other team has a fan base. We understand that you have a lot of rabid fans and there are a ton of blogs, chat forums, bars, dedicated solely to the Red Sox, but you're still a singular fan base. You're not much different than anybody else. If you want to call yourself the Red Sox Nation go ahead it's not like it's much different than calling yourself a Yankee fan but this whole running for Presidency of the Nation bull shit. Give me a friggin break, Remy is reading applications? They're legitimately going to pick a winner and leader of the Satan's Army?

You want a leader here I vote for Scott Boras, he's practically Satan himself and he's given you the joyous signing of JD Drew. There you go Red Sox Nation bow down to your leader, the great Scott Boras.

Read the Entire Remy Ripping of Simmons here at Awful Announcing.
And Simmons Application here at Boston Media Watch
Boston Dirt Dogs with the Initial Transcript

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Umm...not to nitpick but you're about a solid 30+ years late to start griping about the Red Sox Nation thing. I believe it was Peter Gammons that dubbed them this back in the 70's.

3:58 PM  

My mistake. It was Nathan Cobb in 1986, but Peter Gammons was unofficially cited as being the originator in the 1970's.

Still, that's a long time. Other teams have tried to copy it in the past few years (Cardinals Nation anyone?) and that, to me, is where the gripe should lie.

4:02 PM  

Hey blackest of franchises, did you know your occupation says "being awesome"? I'd seriously reconsider life.

Perras said...
4:11 PM  

Those comments were transcribed at Boston Dirt Dogs. Lifted by awful announcing.

Anonymous said...
6:16 PM  

I'm more or less bitching about the stupid shit they do.... Like vote on a president. And I'll link to BDD.

Simon said...
6:22 PM  

I think there are two red sox nations if you want to call the Red Sox fan base "the nation". There is the one which you are apart of if you are a fan. Then there is the other one which you pay money to belong to. Up until this year there was a $10 membership fee to join. Now there are different tiers of citizenship. I think $100 secures you a chance to purchase tickets to a game.

I personally don't know anyone who is a paying member of the nation but I think money can be better spent on the $7 beers they serve at the capitol of the nation, Fenway Park.

Wes said...
9:58 PM  

Reader correction:

Wes - The beers are only 5 dollars if you bring a girlfriend with a tight t-shirt that smiles at the beer guy.

Simon, from what I gather people other then your fraternity brothers actually read this site. Nice work my friend.

I considered myself in red sox nation until I realized that red sox nation consisted of buying pink and light blue sox trucker hats and hanging around Lansdowne Street even if you didn't have tickets. F that. I'm in the Red Sox on my high def TV nation.

Hart said...
7:59 AM  

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