Coors Invests As Stock Goes Down

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Coors you don't like America's Recent Great Hero Joey Chestnut? You disrespect all of Americans by proclaiming that Takeru Kobayashi the re-reversal of fortunator, is still the world's fastest eater. Sorry but his stock is on the down turn, arthritic jaw and all. Joey Chestnut if you run into a Coors exec and would like to ask for an endorsement deal, or would like to kick him in the junk go ahead. America will let you get away with a little assault, as you are on par with Lincoln.

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Can we discuss how Coors is plugging the "wide mouth can" again, like they just friggin invented cold fusion? Is this not completely ridiculous?

Mills said...
11:42 AM  

Yeah, I've had a problem with this commercial since BEFORE Chestnut beat his ass. The commercial should have been pulled since the week of Nathan's showdown.

Let's all pitch in and buy a shirt for Chestnut that says "I'm huge in Japan"

Donnie said...
11:24 AM  

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