2008 Open Championship Preview

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

(Note I worte this on my blackberry so it's format is crap and it's spelling is worse than the norm, which is of course normally bad.)

Personally, I'm a green jacket guy first but after that the allure of
the history of the Links courses is second to none. Without tiger this
year I foresee a Sunday field which is entirely foreign dominated.

4 People to Watch to Contend
Obvious - Ernie Els - Ernie is amongst the favorites for the tourney and the reson being is he always plays well on the links course. If he's not in one of the final pairings on Sunday I would be very surprised.

A Little More Foreign Blood - Lee Westwood - he was right there at the us open but couldn't quite surpass tiger or rocco on the back 9. But back home and without tiger it might be time for westwood to lift up a major trophy.

The return to first glory - Justin Rose - as a 17 year old rose finished 4th at this course. Since then there have been many valleys but never has he had as solid a year as he has had this far. Perhaps this course provides the symmetry to get rose his first major.

A little Latin love - Camilo Villegas - to spread out the foreign love we shall travel to south America. Andres Romero has been stellar the past two opens but perhaps its camillos time to be the opens Latin lover.

3 People Who Might Surpisingly Miss the Cut

The out of shape - Fatty Phil - phils got all the talent in the world
yet he typically sucks it up at the isles. Combined with tiger being absent I could foresee Phil coming up really short.

The elder statesman - Tom Watson - he's still around playing the links courses and he's continually made cuts here but eventually good things come to an end.

Big Mouth - Rory Sabbatini - I think. I'm just going to predict Rory to miss the cut in every major this arson because I find him so annoying.

2 People to Root For this Weekend

The Criminally Out of Shape - John daly - nothing is more fun than watching fatty John falt roll up the fairway smoking a cig as his belly hangs well ove his belt. He enters the open having played terribly all year but perhaps he won't entirely suck.

The hot streak - Kenny Perry - nothing is more fun than watching a hot golfer keep it up. And no one is hotter than Kenny Perry so it will be fun to watch him on Sunday to see if he can keep it up... Oh wait nevermind he decided to play a crap tourney in Milwaukee rather than the open.

1 Winner - A Little Spanish Flavor - Sergio Garcia

I go with Sergio way too much because I feel like eventually he will get it done. Then he winds up choking on Sunday snd yet I never learn my lesson. But here's why I'm going with El Nino, when did he win the TPC? When tiger wasnt playing of course. So of course he will win his first major when tiger is chilling with his daughter.

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