Welcome to New Orleans (Goodbye 2005)

Monday, July 28, 2008

In one off season the New Orleans Saints have gone out and picked up not the former most popular player for not one but two New York teams. In 2005 both Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey had their peak seasons. Shockey had 891 recieving yards and a career high 7 touchdown receptions making him the toast of the town and selling lots and lots of jerseys. Meanwhile, Vilma was making every single tackle in the last year of the Herman Edwards era and was the only worthwhile player on the entire roster and was certainly my favorite Jet. Now three years later both found themselves unwanted in the Big Apple and both found themselves shifted to the Bayou.

So what's going to happen to these former Broadway heroes in 2008? Well, chances are they both shall turn into beasts. For Shockey he enters a squad that's been missing one thing, a tight end. With Colston, Bush, and Deuce Shockey will be seeing limited double teams and could potentially have a career year. And for Vilma, well he's actually going to be utilized the way he should have been utilized for the Jets. In the 4-3 scheme in the middle running down every single tackle to be made on the field. I honestly expect both to make the Pro Bowl. And I fully expect the Saints to win the NFC South this year and contend with whichever NFC East squad is left standing for the NFCs Superbowl representation. And at the center of it will be the two former New Yorkers who were once upon a time the fan favorites for both franchises.

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