Tale of Two Pen No-Nos

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Kyle Farnsworth has been a continuous joke on this here website and the bane of many Yankee fans since his arrival in the Bronx. I shivered when the Yanks drafted a kid 'comparable to Farny' and a frighteningly said that he was the Player to Eye for the Yanks this season especially if they moved Joba into the rotation. And despite a very shaky start to the season, and his penchant for the walk, Farny seemed to find his groove once he regained the 8th inning role. And now? He's not giving up hits. Just how little hits is he giving up? In his last 10 appearances (9 innings) Farny hasn't given up a single hit.

This is Farny, the man whom when Joe Girardi talked about having confidence in at the start of the season was laughed at by all Yankee fans. Now I'm still overly pessimistic and would expect him to get wrecked in a big spot in September or the postseason or hell this weekend against the So but still 9 innings no hits is pretty damn surprising.


Now Edwar on the other hand is a confusing case. I can never put my hands on whether or not I think he's good, lucky or about the blow up. Last year he had outings when he looked great, but he had way more outings which he got rocked which sums up the 8.14 season ending ERA. This year the solid outings are coming in bunches, but when he gets hit he seems to get hit well. He's come in 32 games and has only been scored on in 5, 3 of which were 2 runs or more.

Now Edwar, still be used in middle relief, is on fire. In his last 7 appearances (9 1/3 innings) Edwar, like Farny, has not given up a hit. Unlike Farny he's limited his walks to 2. So the question is what is Edwar? Is he the dominant reliever he's been most of this year? Or is he the guy getting rocked in a few starts this year and a lot of starts last year.

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