Break Work: Second Half Keys

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LA Angels (57-38): Stay consistent and healthy and the division will easily be there's.

Chicago Cubs (57-38): Keep Zambrano and Harden healthy and pitching.

Boston (57-40): Get Ortiz healthy and ready to go in October.

Tampa Bay (55-39): Don't be cheap, go out an acquire a veteran who can help lead them into their first postseason.

Chicago Sox (54-40): Maintain the hot pitching of youngsters Floyd and Danks.

Minnesota (53-42): Get Delmon Young to hit some friggin homers.

St. Louis (53-43): Find an impact arm to compete with the Sabathia & Harden pick ups.

Milwaukee (52-43): Back of the rotation consistency to win more than twice per 5 games.

Philadelphia (52-44): Add a front line starter to help fend off the Mets and take the division.

Oakland (51-44): Someone get Gallagher and Murton to fully replace what Harden meant to the roster.

NY Mets (51-44): Continue the current hot starting and relief pitching into the 2nd half as well as adding a solid corner outfielder.

NY Yankees (50-45): Find some kind of consistency in both the rotation and the lineup.

Florida (50-45): Get Scott Olsen and Josh Johnson to start pitching like major league studs.

Texas (50-46): Attempt to pawn off assets like Monopoly for some pitching prospects.

Detroit (47-47): Get Gary Sheffield to stop gobbling

Toronto (47-48): Find someone to dump Burnett's miserable contract on.

Arizona (47-48): Sign Barry Bonds so that there's at least a tad bit of credibility in the lineup.

LA Dodgers (46-49): Get Nomar healthy and productive to add some sort of pop to their infield.

Baltimore (45-48): Play the spoiler role in the division.

Cincinnati (46-50): Trade away Dunn and Griffey to bring back a few reliable players.

Atlanta (45-50): Get some return on Teixeira's impeding free agent status.

Pittsburgh (44-50): Sell off Bay and Nady to the highest bidders and secure some prospects for the future.

Houston (44-51): Shut down Oswalt and figure out how to get him back to the old pitcher in 2009.

Kansas City (43-53): Um, get some scouts that don't suck dong.

Cleveland (41-53): Get Fausto back on track in the 2nd half and ready to take the ace in 09.

San Francisco (40-55): Improve Matt Cain's consistency to give a powerful 1-2 punch in 2009.

Colorado (39-57): Find out whether or not Bucholz or Corpas is the closer of the future after getting as much as possible for Fuentes.

Seattle (37-58): Sell off every asset possible and start fresh.

San Diego (37-58): Get Chase Headley in the lineup every day to see if he is a viable middle of the order player.

Washington (36-60): Get Milledge and Zimmerman on track to attempt to get some kind of stable presence in the 09 lineup.

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