So You Really Don't Like Atlanta

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One would think that every kid in America playing basketball dreamed of playing for Olympiakos at some point. Or not. So why is it that Josh Childress decided that he wanted to flee America, the NBA, and more specifically the Hawks for Greece. And in the prime of his career to boot.

For the Hawks Childress was a solid but unspectacular player who probably needed to work on his jump shot. He certainly wasn't the star of their squad and thanks to the NBA's controlling rules he was a restricted free agent in Atlanta, meaning if he signed in the NBA chances are good the Hawks would have matched the deal given that it wouldn't have been too much money. So in essence Josh Childress didn't want to play for the Hawks so badly (or he liked 1+ million dollars more a year and European Vacations) that he was willing to forego 3 years in his prime in the NBA.

Woo the Hawks suck.

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