Rain Makes For Boring Outfits [Where Are the Colored Pants]

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Apparently a bunch of rain and miserable weather means that everybody needs to wear very boring outfits, unless they are Asian. Than they have ridiculous looking sweaters.

DL3 Sporting The Always Boring All Black
Leonard Is Also Trying Out for New Zealand's Rugby Team (What's with the Winter Hats)

Um Colored Sleeves Aren't Completely Miserable

Yay for Cardigan Sweaters, Atleast They are Semi Interesting

I have No Idea What the Hell that Design Means

The Asians apparently are the only Fashion Saving Grace

Is he Going Fishing After This?

Is that a Giant Zipper on his Pant Leg?

Even Poulter Brings the Boring? What's Up?

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