So What Your Saying is You Don't Want to Win

Monday, July 28, 2008

You're 4-6 in your last 10 and your 2.5 games out of the division. You need something extra, you need a spark. You have a solid rotation but you need that stud, the pitcher who is going to dominate. And it just so happens you have him stashed away in the minor leagues dominating hitters in every start. So, you leave him there of course.

Seriously, there is nothing more baffling then what the Twins are doing to Francisco Liriano. Coming into this season he could have been considered their most important player, a potential ace on a team clearly lacking one. But he struggled mightily in regaining his stuff post Tommy John surgery so he was rightly sent down to the minors. And he has found his stuff. He's had his stuff for awhile now throwing together 5 terrific starts in a row before having a mediocre start last night. And yet, even with his agent complaining about the franchise, he's sat there in Rochester waiting for the call. A call that is being blocked by 5 pitchers that couldn't hold his jock right now all the while the Twins brass is saying that there is no room for him.

1. Livan Hernandez - 5.38 ERA is bad, but a WHIP of 1.60 and an opposing batting average of .336 is down right terrible. The batting average against of .336 is the worst in all of MLB for qualified pitchers. Why is this man still starting? How in the world is he better than Liriano right now? Why because he has 10 wins? Sir Sidney has 6, does it not mean they both suck?

2. Nick Blackburn - He has a 3.69 ERA and has pitched well, but when he suited up against the Yankee pin stripes in a big spot he was sitting on the bench 6 runs down after 1.2 innings. Do you honestly think he's coming up big in an important spot?

3. Kevin Slowey - Slow is the accurate depiction. He's a finesse pitcher.

4. Scott Baker - Baker has pitched well for the Twins this year and has a 3.36 ERA. But does he have dominating playoff ace stuff? No.

5. Glenn Perkins - Perkins has pitched well for a Rookie with a 4.08 ERA but again the stuff obviously isn't there. With 46 Ks in 90+ innings its obvious he isn't dominating.

How can the Twins seriously say with a straight face that Liriano can not replace any of those pitchers? What the hell are they waiting for? Are they waiting to fall out of the race? Are they waiting to trade one of the youngsters? The time is now, make the move before its too late. And stop being ridiculously cheap based on service time.

Note: If the Twins really can't find a place in the rotation for him, I'm sure a certain team in the Bronx could find a spot for him if pressed into the situation.

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The move, or lack of, might be moronic, but its the Twins move to make because they own the contract. I expect there is something else going one because the Twins front office has displayed some gray matter in getting that club together on a shoe string.

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