Who's Up for a Jersey Bonfire?

Monday, July 21, 2008

In the recent past the one thing that you noticed was the abundance of Jeremy Shockey jerseys. They've had some good players in the past 5-10 years including Barber, Strahan and Toomer and yet the Shockey jerseys completely dominated the crowd. For what reason? In some cases you would see entire families all decked out in Shockey Jerseys as if no one else played on the team. I have no idea, he was never the best player on the team and he often underachieved and he was consistently an annoying loudmouth. But I guess he won over the fans. Perhaps, it was the effort level or the whiteness or the massive American flag tattoo. Whatever it was, he sure had a vice grip on the Giants jersey sales.

But now, of course he has become expendable. He got injured the Giants won the Superbowl without him and everyone began to question whether or not the Giants were better without him. And with the emergence of Kevin Boss it just pushed his need off the edge. And thus the Giants eventually made a deal with the Saints to part ways with Shockey.

So what to do with the hundreds of thousands of Shockey jerseys around the tri-state area. How about a jersey bon-fire in jersey? Who's in?

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