2010 Fantasy 1B Rankings

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How am I doing my rankings? First I take the CHONE projections for each player, next I calculate what percentage of my needed stats they will garner me in my keeper league (3rd place for each category). Finally I see just how much added bonus they give me in comparison to the average player at the position.

Sure you wouldn't mind having Albert Pujols and his .350 average and 45 home runs, but you could get the 10th 1B off the board and end up with Joey Votto, Lance Berkman or Justin Morneau all of whom are likely to approach 30 HRs 100+ RBI and have a respectable average. There is no other position that even comes close to the depth of first base. If you don't get 20+ home runs from your first baseman than chances are you're either terrible at fantasy baseball or the rest of your lineup is incredibly stacked.

And If Your Lucky Enough to Include DHs It Gets Deeper
In my main league we don't have any utility slots which means that DHs get lumped into the 1B slot. What does this mean? It means that the position adds an extra 4 or 5 players to contribute. You get to lump in Adam Lind (whom please just go look at his stats last year), Vlad, Jason Kubel, Jack Cust, David Ortiz etc.

Even the 24th Guy Might Be Good
You could theoretically wait until near the last round of your draft and still wind up with a guy like Nick Johnson who probably is going to hit 2nd for the Yankees which means he's going to score A LOT of runs. Throw in the fact that all you need to do is bloop a ball down the line for a home run and he's probably ready to luck into 15 HRs so you might get a line of .300 105 runs 80 rbi 15 HRs 0 Steals from a guy at the bottom of the first base food chain.

Check Out My Full Calculated Rankings After the Jump...

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