Chasing Lines: Who Will Be the MLB Home Run King?

Friday, March 05, 2010

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Every year there are ample Home Run challenges you can enter yourself into. Some of them require you to pick multiple players in tiers, some of them require you to grab one guy and let it rip. With the season just a month away there are the heavy weights that you would expect to be in the running (Fielder, Howard, Pujols, Arod, etc.) and then there are the sleepers that you can actually make money on. So let's take a look at a handful of sleepers that I think might be worth the risk.

5. Garrett Jones - If you're looking for the super off the radar long shot you might want to look at Garrett Jones. Last year as an old rookie Jones came up smoking hot and hit 21 home runs in just 314 at bats. This year he's likely to get near 600 abs and well 21 *2 = 42. Do I think he's going to do that? No. But his odds are going to be so long it might be worth it.

4. Josh Hamilton - Last year he fell off the wagon, got injured and went back to the booze, but in 2008 he showed he has the potential to be a beast. His odds are way down now but

3. Justin Upton - This might be a few seasons early, but Justin Upton is going to push for the home run crown at some point in his life. He's still just 22 but last season he popped 26 home runs. God I wish I still had him on my keeper team.

2. Carlos Quentin - You have to look for bounce backs if you're going for long odds and Carlos Quentin is certainly a candidate. In 2008 Quentin hit 36 home runs in just 480 at bats. Last season he couldn't stay healthy. A healthy 2010 could mean monster numbers.

1. Jay Bruce - With Jay Bruce your going for full health and for the youth movement. The odds are very long but he hit 22 home runs last year in 101 games, he plays in a launching pad, and he's getting older. You want long odds and big pay day, Bruce is your man.

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I simply love the way Josh Hamilton plays the game. he is a superstar. He is a real boost for the NBA basketball picks.

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