2010 Fantasy SS Rankings

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How am I doing my rankings? First I take the CHONE projections for each player, next I calculate what percentage of my needed stats they will garner me in my keeper league (3rd place for each category). Finally I see just how much added bonus they give me in comparison to the average player at the position.

Point #1, Draft Hanley Ramirez With Your First Pick
The debate is probably on in the fantasy world surrounding whom to pick first between Hanley Ramirez and Albert Pujols, well count me a considerably in Hanley's corner. First off Hanley's all around numbers are likely to be not much worse than Albert's. He's going to give you 20 more steals. He's probably going to have a similar Average/Hits. He might score more runs. Sure he's going to lose out on HRs and RBIs but thats not that big of a deal considering... No matter how you look at it SS is not as deep as 1B. What Hanley does for you far exceeds even the next best shortstops, guys that will be gone by round 4. He gives you ample speed with no decline in any other category. Sure you can get cheap speed, but it comes with the price tag of 3 HRs and 40 RBIs attached. If you have the first pick, don't even think about it, draft Hanley.

The Next 4 and Then Off A Cliff
If you don't get lucky and land Hanley then your options are slim and your move to make better be quick or not at all. Jose Reyes (HGH Man!), Jimmy Rollins, Derek Jeter and Troy Tulowitzki will come off the board very quickly and likely in that order. If you don't wind up with anyone you might as well just stock up at other positions and accept the fact that your middle infielder is going to be turrible.

Bounce Backs?
If you miss the top 5 it might be a good idea to gamble on some bounce backs. Stephen Drew was injured and terrible last year but in 2008 he was an extra base machine and he'll be 27 at the start of the year. Alexei Ramirez is intriguing but still questionable. After a miserable April his bat bounced back but he stopped stealing almost completely. Without the steals he's just JJ Hardy, aka not that good. Finally Rafael Furcal came back last year and played essentially the whole season but you wouldn't know it from his stats. Raffy where did the steals go?

Full Rankings After the Jump...

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