Chasing Lines: Who Will Be the Stolen Base King?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Last week we looked at the potential Home Run Kings so today why not look at the potential Stolen Base Kings. There are 4 odds on favorites to lead the league in Stolen Bases this year:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury: Led the league in steals last year with 70. Don't really have any reason this will decline.

2. Michael Bourn: Steals essentially every time he gets on base. Problem is he's probably going to get on base less this year because his BABIP was through the roof last year and will likely decline.

3. Carl Crawford: Looked like he was on pace for 100 steals and then he stopped at the end of the year. Made it seem like it was an offseason goal to not slowdown midseason this year.

4. Jose Reyes: If he can get his thyroid in order the man did steal 78 bases in 2007.

After these four you're digging for some youngsters to jump into the game. Maybe an Elvis Andrus gets a significant speed burst this season. Maybe rookie Alcides Escobar is the fastest man in the universe. Perhaps Eric Young Jr. makes the Rockies roster and steals every time he gets on base. Could Julio Bourbon get enough plate appearances to eclipse 50?

Perhaps you think a youngster is going to make a big move and win the speedster crown. As for me, I'd put my money down on Ellsbury coming into his prime, increasing his On Base Percentage and matching or bettering his 70 steals from last season.

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