Chasing Lines: Uh, Perhaps It's Time to Bet Against the Big East

Friday, March 19, 2010

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Coming into this week many proclaimed that the Big East was the best conference in the entire country and that there would be many a Big East celebration in March. Well after a few days of NIT games and one day of the NCAA tournament perhaps the Big East was getting a bit too much love. Of the 8 Big East teams to play a postseason game this far, only one beat the spread, and they still lost.

4 NIT Games
~UConn defeats Northeastern at home by just 2.
~St. John's (the team that beat the spread) lost by two on the road at Memphis.
~Seton Hall got crushed at home by Texas Tech and their coach was subsequently canned.
~USF lost at home by 1 to NC State.

4 NCAA 1st Round Games
~Villanova was lucky to pull out an overtime victory.
~Notre Dame couldn't hit a jump shot and lost a 6-11 matchup.
~Georgetown was thoroughly embarrassed by a mediocre Ohio team.
~Marquette struggled in the second half and lost their 6-11 matchup on a Washington runner in the closing seconds.

So with all these negative results and 4 Big East games today, it might be wise to make an anti-Big East run. Let's take a quick peak at today's Big East games.

Todays Games
~West Virginia vs. Morgan St.: WVU is too hot to bet against, I would lay off this one.
~Syracuse vs. Vermont: I'd stay away from this as well as I'm sure Boeheim doesn't want another close 1st round game with UVM.
~Pittsburgh vs. Oakland: Pitt probably didn't deserve a 3 seed and they don't blow teams out, could be a good spread to pounce on.
~Louisville vs. Cal: Everyone seemingly went with Pitino in this game but with the Big East's struggles it's probably time to back track from that stance.

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