Chasing Lines: Why Are There No Lines On NOTY?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

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It's March Madness which means every radio program, blog, mother, cousin, board 2nd grader, etc. is coming up with some bracket of 64 things with the objective of deciphering what is best. The best of all of these brackets on a consistent basis is Name of the Year or NOTY. Of course due to the the fact that this actually isn't a sporting activity and resides on a blogger website there aren't any Vegas lines for whom the favorites are. Well I'm saying there should be and well, I'm going to label the Top 10 Favorites for 2010 NOTY.

10. Pencilman Jeffries - Underrated quality name that just might take the Crotchtangle Region.

9. Spartacus Bernstein - This name screams POWER and JEW. Or WARRIOR and JEW. Or 300 and JEW. Something and JEW. It's got potential.

8. Gregor Schwinghammer Jr. - Gregor was birthed by Schwinghammer Sr., aka Austin Powers.

7t. Stalin Felipe & Hitler Makofane -In the most intriguing of first round matchups we get bitter enemies from World War 2. I'm leaning Hitler on this one.

6. Nojay Nimpson - Sounds like some future parent was involved in a bet with their black friend over whether OJ would be convicted, and lost.

5. X'Zavier Bloodsaw - If there was any justice all people named Bloodsaw would be linebackers in the mold of Ray Lewis.

4. Dick Smallberries Jr. -I guess some parents just want their children to enjoy the same ridicule they enjoyed as a child.

3. Charity Beaver - How in the world is Charity Beaver a 16 seed?

2. Dr. Speedy Nutz -Not only a quality name but also a Doctor.

1. God's Power Offor - Not Quite God Shammgod, but I don't think you can bet against God and his Power Offor.

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