First Fantasy Draft of the Year

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

League Settings: 12 Team Head to Head, Traditional 5*5

Holy Power Batman
I didn't really go in planning to grab two 450 pound men that play 1B and hit a crap ton of home runs but that kind of just happened. I actually was planning on taking Ian Kinsler with my second pick to sure up a middle infield spot but changed my mind at the idea of having 90+ HRs and 250 RBIs locked up.

I Heart Yovani
I just do. If I don't get him in my drafts I get a sad feeling inside.

Grabbing the Limped
People shy away from injured people for little to no reason. Just a reminder to H2H folk, injured players are typically back in time for the playoffs. With that being said I'd rather have the potential of Carlos Beltran and Brandon Webb in September with the negatives of getting waiver wire production in the meaningless months of April and May.

Sometimes You Just Need to Admit Defeat and Wait
At some point I realized that all the 3B and SS were pretty much gone and that there was no point in drafting one because they essentially be around 5 rounds later anyway. This is how I landed Chris Davis and Alcides Escobar.

Closers Closers and More Closers
Give me all the crappy / mid tier closers you can. I'll take them all.

And Oliver Perez for shits and giggles...

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