There's Just Something Not Likeable About Sidney Crosby

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Watching the Gold Medal game over the weekend I realized something, for whatever reason I don't like Sidney Crosby much. I can't really pinpoint why, but I feel as if he's a bit of a punk on the ice. I feel like he's mostly afraid to go toe to toe with someone and hit with them. Something I feel that Alexander Ovechkin is completely unafraid of, as witnessed by him killing Jaromir Jagr. I feel like he is more likely to throw in some cheap shots throughout the game.

For whatever reason I get the impression that Crosby has an aura that says during the game "I am Smug, I'm better than you I should have everything handed to me". Because of this feeling, I enjoyed Jack Johnson giving Sidney Crosby a blatant cheap shot after the period was over and it was blatant. Because of this feeling I was even more annoyed with the US loss than if someone else put the puck in the net. Because of this feeling I will push for the Capitals and anyone else to knock the Penguins out of the playoffs this year.

Perhaps I don't like him simply because he still can't grow any kind of respectable beard.

And pushing for the Penguins to lose means rooting against Brooks Orpik who was easily my favorite American in the Gold medal game simply because on every shift it seemed like his sole purpose was to hit people and hit them hard.

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Ah, so you like Goon Hockey! Crosby doesn't go "toe to toe" with the competition, because he doesn't need to. His great skills outmatch his opponents. He doesn't need to hit people to play his game.

Ovechkin, on the other hand, is a dirty player who has to resort to knee-to-knee hits to try to eliminate the competition. He is so "me first" oriented that he doesn't do things that can help the team overall. This is the exact reason the Russians didn't make the medal rounds at the Olympics - under Ovechkin's leadership, they didn't play as a team.

I'm glad you acknowledge Brooks Orpik's contrubutions to the game. It is his job to hit people, not Crosby's. Therefore, as proven last year, Crosby + Oprik = Stanley Cup, Ovechkin on his own = Playoff Loss.

Hossa, again, was on the outside looking in.....

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