And All My Brackets Are Terrible

Monday, March 22, 2010

CIT Bracket
In order to get off on a really bad footing let's start off with my CIT bracket which was atrocious starting at the opening tip. My final for the tournament consisted of George Mason and Loyola Marymount. Well... both teams lost in the first round so that bracket is officially in major shambles.

CBI Bracket
And then just to double up in the opening round I chose Oregon State to win the CBI. They won a postseason tournament last year so why not two in a row? Well they got crushed by Boston University in the opening round so that's why.

NIT Bracket
I picked UConn to beat Illinois which is surprisingly still a possibility. This likely ends tonight given that UConn barely beat Northeastern and plays at Virginia Tech, a team that hasn't played well below expectations all year.

NCAA Bracket
This years tournament is certainly one where an East Coast bias won't help you at all. In addition making your bracket Chalk-lity makes for disaster as well. So the combo of those two things make my bracket a piece of crap. At the very minimum at least I didn't pick Kansas to win the finals, I just had them in the game.

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