Rick Majerus & Ashley Judd = Disgusting

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wonderful Rick's Comment. "I've got to tell you what. At this point in time, game's over Tennessee's played their heart out, give 'em credit for a great effort. But I'm starting to look for Ashley Judd, so I don't have to go home to the adult videos tonight."

Do you think Ashely Judd officially threw him on a stalker list? Or sent them an email that looked something like this:

"Dear ESPN,
I know you like when I show up at Kentucky Games so you can show me jumping up and down and so you have a pretty celebrity in the stands. I regret to inform you though that due to the recent info about the grotesquely large Rick Majerus wanting to masterbate to my image, I am going to have to forego traveling to any Kentucky game which he broadcasts.

With Love,
Ashley Judd"

Oh and here's another one apparently Majerus isn't a "Big Gay Guy" who knew...

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