Cowturd Replaces Simmons?

Monday, September 10, 2007 again has brought back their Monday Night fan challenge which offers random prizes for people that really love their website and want to answer trivia question prior to the game, random over under questions as well as spend the entire time watching the game on answering more random questions. To me it's a bit much, but I'll do the occasional pregame questions if I'm board on a monday at work.

Today being the first monday I just went on and noticed something humorous. Last season the random over/unders were dubbed "Beat the Sports Guy" and brought to you by Bill Simmons. This season? They are brought to you by radio host Colin Cowherd. On the How To Play Pages they simply just copy and pasted Cowherd's name over Simmons name.

So, why is this ironic? Well for those of you out of the loop the Sports Guy and Colin Cowherd don't exactly get along too well. I wonder if we will soon here Simmons in a chat mention something along the lines of "that was a complete waste of my time, and now it's more evident as they've gotten a moron to do the same thing." Or if Cowherd mentions something along the lines of "ESPN has added me to their Monday Surround to provide Over/Unders so they are actually relevant to the NFL." Hopefully some more in fighting will come of this.

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