2010 Masters Preview

Thursday, April 08, 2010

By far my favorite golf tourny of the year. The course is cool, the tradition is phenomenal, I love the quirky way they decide the field and the best players in the World always contend and more often than not you will get a Tiger, VJ, or Phil taking it home instead of a Justin Leonard, Rich Beem, Todd Hamilton, type. Which is much more entertaining.

4 People to Watch to Contend

Obvious is Obvious- Tigger Woo - I may have said he isn't going to win, or really be in the running on sunday but for the first three days he'll certainly be interesting.

Secondary - Sergio Garcia - I'm just going to leave Sergio in this spot every tournament until he finally wins a major. This means he will be featured here every tournament for the next 8 decades.

The CRAZY PANTS - Ian Poulter - Come on Crazy pants, can you finally get it done on the big stage?

Darkhorse - Ryo Ishikawa - Why wouldn't an 18 year old Japanese phenom win the Masters?

3 People Who Might Surpisingly Miss the Cut

The Funky - Jim Furyk - Furyk's been solid the past two Masters but screw it, he's going to miss the cut this year.

The Canadian - Mike Weir - Weir has put on a green jacket before, this year he watches from his house as someone else slips on the jacket.

The Dick - Rory Sabbatini - Rory Sabbatini has a permanent place on this list.

2 People to Root For this Weekend

The Great Hat - Shingo Katayama - Shingo can not be stopped. His hats can not be stopped. His Golf Swing can not be stopped. His belts can not be stopped. His pants can not be stopped. His golf bag can not be stopped. Nothing regarding Shingo can be stopped.

The Old Guys - Watson, the Walrus and others - You always need to pull for the old guys in these tournaments.

1 Winner

The Titties - Phil Mickelson - Is there a better time than right now for Phil Mickelson to win the Masters? Not only would he get his 3rd Green Jacket, he'd also be lauded as a family man and the anti Tiger. It would certainly make for an interesting weekend.

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