Chasing Lines: Tiger Vs. The Field

Thursday, April 08, 2010

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As the Masters begins today we return to the age old question, would you take Tiger Woods or the field win the tournament? Only in 2010 this question diverts from the typical odds and typical story lines. How will Tiger play in his first tournament back? Will he have rust? Will the constant questioning wear him down?

This year Tiger Woods is still the odds on favorite and will return +450 on a bet. This is obviously not the nearly 2:1 odds he typically sits at. People clearly think that not having played in a tournament in nearly 6 months will make it so he will be unable to win his first tournament back. So if you believe in Tiger Woods this is the best payout you will likely ever get.

Personally I think picking the field is the clear way to go. Maybe if Woods had played at Bay Hill or any other tournament over the last month and shown that he was back to full form, but I just think all of the question marks and reasons for him not winning this tournament are valid. Tiger makes the cut but isn't really in contention on late Sunday.

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