NFL Draft 1st Round Recap

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today we do a quick recap of the 1st round of the NFL draft if only to create this image of a crying Mel Kiper.

Tales of Jimmy Clausen Anguish and Mel Kiper Tears
Over the past few months nobody in this universe has pumped up and defended Jimmy Clausen more than Mel Kiper (probably even more than Jimmy's mother), so when Clausen slipped out of the first round I think Mel Kiper might have had a post 1st round cry. The unfortunate thing about this whole scenario is certainly not Clausen dropping into the second round, because who cares he'll still be a multi millionaire, but the fact that we likely will have to listen to Kiper and McShay yell at each other a few more segments before and during the 2nd round.

The Jets Drafted Kyle Wilson
After picking up Holmes and old man Jason Taylor (at topic for another day) the Jets really didn't have a blatant need. Picking a cornerback means no more Dwight Lowery getting toasted every play, so I'm cool with that. Really at pick 29 there's nothing to get overly distraught or happy about.

The Giants Drafted Some French Guy
I don't particularly like people with hyphenated lasts names and have really no idea who Jason Pierre-Paul is so I can't do much commenting on their pick. Osi does seem expendable right now though.

Dez Bryant drops and drops some more
Why did Dez Bryant drop into the 20s when crap receivers like Troy Williamson and Mike Williams etc etc got picked in the top ten? This doesn't make sense. Bryant is a beast and will be a stud on the Cowboys. Too bad Roy Williams is still on their roster.

The Broncos Go For Character
Character is highly overrated. The Broncos are going to be crap next season and the season after that and after that and after that until Josh McDaniels gets shit canned.

A Lot of Trading Signifying Not Much
There certainly were a lot of trades last night, the problem was ESPN didn't do a very good job of actually explaining what was in the deals. Every time a pick was moved, they pretty much went immediately into the selection without ever mentioning the compensation that was garnered in return. So really, I have no idea who gave up what to get what.

I enjoyed ESPNs Goofs
I enjoyed Berman panicking when ESPN was showing the set and everyone was talking through the honorary military thing. I also enjoyed Jon Gruden call everyone a bunch of stupid asses. For some odd reason I think Jon Gruden swears a lot when he's on the sidelines.

I Want Taylor Mays
I don't care if he didn't make enough INTs in school. He did this and this was awesome.

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