And the New York Mets Are Becoming a Telemarketer

Friday, April 23, 2010

As you've probably figured out by now I am a Yankee fan but since Citi Field was brand spanking new in 2009 I went with my a buddy who is a Met fan to a game in April and then proceeded to decide to purchase 4 tickets to a single game in September. Unfortunately because the Mets sucked so bad last year I was forced to eat two of the tickets (Seriously I don't think a homeless man would have accepted them).

Alright moving on. This year I figured I'd head back to Citi field one time so I purchased another 4 tickets. Unfortunately, this isn't enough for the New York Mets. The Mets thanks in part to their team starting off the season in the tank are noticing that Citi Field is quite empty so they are on the ticket sales attack and an annoying attack at that. Apparently when I purchased tickets last year I left my cell phone number on Ticketmaster and because I was interested enough in 2009 to go to a Mets game I absolutely must be interested in going to many games in 2010. With this kind of brilliant logic the Mets marketing squad has now called my cell phone multiple times attempting to pawn of whatever 4 game pack du jour they have in stock. Yes the New York Mets are now so desperate to sell tickets they have started telemarketing a Yankee fan who bought tickets to a single game last year. Awesome, can't wait to receive 1 message a week from some poor guy sitting behind a desk leaving messages all day long.

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