Chasing Lines: The Jimmy Clausen Over/Under

Thursday, April 22, 2010

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The NFL draft allows gamblers to gamble on sports news rather than actual sports. In addition it truly provides people with inside information a free ticket to money. For instance today's line of the day is Jimmy Clausen Over/Under Position 9.5 or the "Are the Bills going to draft Jimmy Clausen" bet.

If you are a Bills executive you should pretty much know at this point in the game whether or not your team is going to draft Jimmy Clausen with its first pick in the draft. If it is then you being the great friend that you are can whisper to your buddies that it might be a wise decision to throw a G on this line. And then just tell them to mix in a few more picks so as not to look conspicuous.

As for me, I have no insider information and I can't really stand Jimmy Clausen so I hope the Bills do draft him. Unless they trade for Big Ben, the Bills QBs are Trent Edwards (sucks) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (sucks but slightly less than Edwards). They obviously could use someone that sucks less than both Fitzpatrick and Edwards and that could be Clausen. I seen by my brilliant mock draft due to be terribly wrong thing Clausen is your newest Buffalo Bill and would wager on the under. Unfortunately as I said before I don't work for the Bills and just want Clausen to be a Bill to watch him lose consistently over the next 5 years, so perhaps I'm not the best person to take advice from on this subject.

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