Quick Notes: Handling Multiple Small But Mildly Coherent Thoughts

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't particularly have anything worthy of dedicating a large coherent post to so we bring the quick notes.


~Santonio Holmes and his gigantic dong are now a New York Jet (starting week 5). Weeee! Giving up a 5th round pick for a receiver that over 1200+ yards seems like stealing but I guess the Steelers are attempting to de-Douchify their roster. The combination of Keller/Edwards/Holmes/Cotchery will probably make Dirty Sanchez a very very happy quarterback next season. Now he just needs to not suck.

~Speaking of the Jets bringing in a Class A Douche, the New York Jets have pulled a complete 180 as a franchise since the Mangini days. They are now bringing in highly flawed character guys instead of focusing on high character guys. They went from a locked down nobody gets information from anyone society to on Hard Knocks.

~Chad Henne is probably todays happiest person.

~M(r)s. Johnette Howard went a little overboard yesterday proclaiming the Patriots dead and the Jets king of the AFC East. Maybe it's the pessimism of being a Jet fan but the Pats have won the division basically every season Tom Brady had an ACL. Can we calm down a bit and wait til the season starts?


~It was nice to see Matsui get such a big ovation on opening day at the Stadium. He was as clutch as they come and obviously won the MVP. With that being said, I think I'm already over it. Because...

~Nick Johnson is going to love Yankee Stadium. As long as he doesn't get injured (might take a minor miracle) and stops playing Miley Cyrus as his AB music, he's going to have a monster year in the Bronx.

~Amazing how many injuries happen over the course of the first week of the season. J-Roll appears to be down. Miguel Montero is out. Chipper is already doing his annual injury rotation. Brian Roberts is on the DL. Etc.

~The Mets rotation might be the worst in major league baseball. John Maine is DONE. Pelfrey is a headcase. Niese is unproven and Ollie P might still be garbage. It could be a very long and empty season at ShCiti Field.

~Dear O-Dog, Shut up. Jermaine Dye doesn't have a job not because he is black but because he rejected multiple offers and those teams went on to sign other players. Gary Sheffield doesn't have a job because he's over 40 and he's an asshole.

~Mike Napoli makes me sad.


~The Celtics are pretty much a rotting corpse right now and will likely get bounced easily by the Cavs if not by the Heat. The Cs sold their soul for a single title which no person can bitch about at all, but I can dream of what would have happened if they wound up with the 2nd pick of that lottery and their current starting 5 was Rondo, Pierce, Durant, Big Al, Perk. Right?

~I hope OKC stays at #8 because Durant vs. Kobe round 1 would be fun.

~Dell Curry can't vote for his son as Rookie of the Year. This is news!


~Has John Tortorella been fired yet?

~Hockey playoffs start tonight. Perhaps I will put together a predictions bracket which will be sure to fail.

College Football

~Way to go RichRod! You go and get your old university in trouble for practice violations.

~Speaking of Michigan vs. West Virginia, I think I need to dedicate an entire post to just how miserable this stealing Mountaineer coaches has gone for the Wolverines compared to WVU.

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