Livan Hernandez Is Not Terrible = My Confusion

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Every time I look at a Washington Nationals box score in 2010 I feel as if I see the statline telling me that Livan Hernandez pitched a gem. This quite obviously is because every time I see the name Livan Hernandez I expect the stat line to read 13 runs on 20 hits and when it's quite the opposite I sit completely befuddled. Somehow someway, Livan Hernandez does not suck.

In 2010 through 4 starts Livan Hernandez has given up just 3 runs. His WHIP is under 1.00. He has 3 wins. All of these things do not make any sense. This is Livan Hernandez. This is the Livan Hernandez who had the worst WHIP in baseball last year (3rd worst in 2008 and 5th worst in 2007). This is the same pitcher that had the worst ERA in baseball last year (2nd worst in 2008). The fact that Livan Hernandez even has a job is baffling nevermind him actually being tremendously succesful through the month of April.

Can someone please explain this to me? Did I get into a hot tub time machine and wake up in 1999 to a fat but effective Livan Hernandez? Because I simply have zero logical explanations for Livan Hernandez being a useful major league pitcher.

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