78 In A Row, And Perhaps the Biggest Example Why Women's BBall Is Flawed

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The UConn women just completed two perfect seasons. They did something that no team has even come close to achieving since the UCLA days of dominance. They eviscerated all of their competition and even managed to win the National Championship game despite playing like complete crap. They are the best of the best. And yet, personally I think the Huskies are the prime example why Women's Basketball frankly doesn't catch the attention span of men around the country. Let us count the reasons why...

1) The Games Aren't Competitive
In two years last night was the first game that the Huskies won by less than a double digit margin. Essentially no games UConn has played in two years has had any kind of drama in the closing minutes. You could comfortably turn off every game at the 2 minute mark knowing that UConn had won.

2) The Tournament Lacks Any Drama
Maybe Tennessee losing had some drama but in reality the Womens Tournament typical flows as you would expect. The best team wins essentially every year and with ease. Hell I didn't watch a single second of Womens basketball this year and I got the final right in my bracket.

3) Frankly I Don't Think They Are That Good
Maybe it's me being some kind of sexist ape (and I am eating a banana right now) but I think the UConn women would get the shit kicked out of them by every single Men's team that made the NCAA tournament. Hell they probably would lose to Division 2 and perhaps even Division 3 or high school mens teams. I don't think dunking is a necessary requirement for entertaining basketball but last night pitted the best two teams in the nation, a combined 74-1 going into the game, and neither team could make a single shot in the first half and the UConn women shot 9-22 from the free throw line. The teams combined to go just 37-126 from the field. This all while using a smaller ball that's easier to score.

Maybe I'm supposed to take the games with a grain of salt and say wow look what these girls can do, they are way better than me, but in reality I feel like I see nothing I couldn't see at a local pickup game.

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