2010 NL Award Show Predictions

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just a reminder that I did absolutely miserable with these predictions the past two years, but alas we shall predict err make an educated guess at these things.

MVP - Prince Fielder, Picking Pujols is boring so I'm going to throw out something mildly different. We're going with Captain 400 lb Vegetarian. Fielder only hit 46 home runs last year and just topped 140 rbi a crappy season for anyone. This season came garnered him 4th place in the MVP race. I'm not sure he improves on this number, but maybe the others (Howard, Hanley, Pujols) decline a bit.

Cy Young - Yovani Gallardo, I'm jumping off the ledge and going with my Mexican man crush. He'll need to significantly drop the ERA but he's going to strike out 225 batters this season and well this post is all Brewer related because I'm 8 hours away from a 3 day weekend which will be filled with Brewskis.

Manager of the Year - Bobby Cox, I figure this will be kind of like a going away present. Cox is set to retire this season and his team is deep and will make a playoff push.

Rookie of the Year - Jason Heyward, Well if I don't get this one right than I'm a fool. He's made the roster, he's everyone's top prospect in baseball. So... I should at least get one right?

Comeback Player of the Year - Troy Glaus, Mr. Glaus was injured all of last year but he's still just 33. He's getting an everyday spot at 1B in Atlanta in a good lineup and he easily could return to 27 HRs from 2008.

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