Chasing Lines: The Final Four

Friday, April 02, 2010

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It's Final Four Weekend so let's take a quick look at the odds for this weeks Championship game.

Picking Butler
Butler Beats Duke: 5-1, Butler Beats West Virginia: 7-1

The Butler Bulldogs are #3 of 4 this weekend as they are barely favored over Michigan St. and then would be an underdog in the championship game. Personally, I don't think the Hoosiers win the title. I think they get there, but I'm not buying they beat Duke or WVU, even though they already knocked off Cuse who is probably better than both WVU or Duke.

Picking Duke
Duke Beats Butler: 3-2, Duke Beats Michigan State: 2-1

The Blue Devils are the favorites but come on I can't pick them to win without wanting to punch myself in the face. Down with Duke and Jon Scheyer.

Picking Michigan St.
Michigan St Beats Duke: 6-1, Michigan St Beats West Virginia: 8-1

Michigan St. had the easiest road to the Final Four and yet still had the closest games to get there. They additionally don't have their best player. Michigan St. is not winning the National Title.

Picking West Virginia
West Virginia Beats Butler: 4-1, West Virginia Beats Michigan State: 4-1

Take West Virginia. Just do it. It gives you the smart choice and it gives you even more incentive to root against Duke which is always a good idea.

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