Felix Heredia -> Kyle Farnsworth -> Latroy Hawkins -> Chan Ho Park

Monday, April 05, 2010

Maybe pure at heart fans like every single player on their roster but considering I was dubbed the "Most Bitter" kid on campus when I was in college, I'm not that type. With that being said sometimes it's fun to have a little bit of scapegoat hate on someone on your roster, it's like bringing a little bit of the Philadelphia out of you. So through the past decade it's seemingly been some random guy in the bullpen that's sucked tremendously that you could lay the blame on. There was Felix Heredia whom my father and I nicknamed "The Exit Sign" because when he entered the game it was time to leave. There was Kyle the crier Farnsworth and then Latroy Hawkins aka "Black Farnsworth". Last season there was Dumbassho Marte, but considering he was a god in the postseason he's forever no longer the hated one. And thus we need a new Bullpen man to disdain, this new man is Chan Ho Park. One night in and he already sucks. Furthermore last season there was badass Samurai looking Chan Ho Park, now it's clean shaven weak sauce Chan Ho Park. So I'd like to welcome Chan Ho to the hatred club, you are our 2010 home team enemy.

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