Chasing Lines: I Wish I Bet Cano For MVP

Friday, April 30, 2010

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My father, the bright man that he is, said something in Spring Training that I kind of laughed off but is looking like a distinct possibility just 1 month into the season. The phrase was quite simple and quite brief, "You watch, Cano just might win the MVP this year". His reasoning was quite simple, if Cano ever could bottle up all of his potential and put it together in a season while hitting in the 5 hole behind Teixeira and A-Rod he just might wind up hitting .340 with 130 RBIs and 30+ HRs at second base. Again, its just one month into the season, but I certainly wish I went to Vegas and put some money on Cano for MVP for what would have been relatively long odds.

Here's what Robinson Cano's rankings look like through the month of April. Cano sits first in the AL in Hits, Average, Runs, OPS and Slugging Percentage. He sits 2nd in the AL in Home Runs. He is fifth in the AL in RBIs despite the fact that the two people hitting immediately in front of him are in tremendous opening of the season slumps. To put it bluntly, for much of the season the Yankees offense has been Robinson Cano and given his improvements from 08 to 09 there's really no reason he can't hit those numbers my father spoke about in the presason.

Yes it's only April, we are just 1/8th through the season, and last years MVP didn't even play the opening month, but I'm pretty sure if you bet on Cano for MVP in the preseason you'd like your odds and your expected payout right about now.

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