2010 MLB Playoff Predictions

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Time to run down the playoff predictions which are almost certainly going to be terribly wrong.

Play-In Games
Yep I predicted ties. The first comes in the AL West with the Mariners tied with the Angels. The Angels shall win the division yet again. The next tie is in the NL where I have a three way tie for the Wildcard between the Braves, Mets and Cubs (must have been drunk when I made this prediction). The Braves will play the Mets in the first game and knock them off. Then the Braves will knock off the Cubbies to extend the streak.

Wild Card Matchups

NL East Philadelphia Phillies vs. NL Central St. Louis Cardinals
This is the series I thought we were going to get in the NLCS last year. This season it will happen in the Wild Card round and the Cards will matchup Carpenter & Wainwright against Halladay & Hamels. It should be a duel but the Phillies lineup is deeper than the Cards and will outmatch them in 5.

NL Wildcard Atlanta Braves vs. NL West Los Angeles Dodgers
The Bravos won the gauntlet of play-in games to get into the playoffs and they continue their hot streak against the Dodgers. The Braves rotation is deep and after a split in LA they come back and knock off the Dodgers so so 3 & 4 starters.

AL Central Minnesota Twins vs. AL East New York Yankees
The Twinkies make the playoffs again but they again face off against the Yankees who once again feast off their lack of ace and inability to slam the door in the 9th.

AL Wildcard Boston Red Sox vs. AL West Los Angeles Angels
The Sox were eliminated with ease by the Angels last year but this season the Sox stole away Lackey and he makes the difference picking up a big road victory in Anaheim.

Championship Series

NL East Philadelphia Phillies vs. NL Wildcard Atlanta Braves
Booby Cox looks to get to the World Series in the last year of his illustrious career. Unfortunately he is denied as the Phillies lineup is just that much better than the Braves lineup and Roy Halladay is too much at the top of the rotation.

AL Wildcard Boston Red Sox vs. AL East New York Yankees
Back to the Red Sox vs. Yankees ALCS. The series comes down to Josh Beckett not being the Josh Beckett that was once completely unhittable in the postseason. The Yanks take both games off Beckett and squeak the series out in 6.

World Series: New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies #2
The Phillies went out and got Halladay instead of Lee but that really wasn't their problem last year. Their problem was Cole Hamels in the two spot and I don't think he's going to get back to his 08 form and thus the Phillies yet again come up short against the Yankees in the series.

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