Sometimes In a Fantasy World We Forget About Defense

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm one of the many people that drafted Mike Napoli this year looked at his stats of the past season and started drooling over what just may have happened if he was given 500 at bats. Currently each and every one of those players is in early season panic mode because it appears as if Mike Scioscia believes that it isn't Mike Napoli and his 40 HRs the past two years that give him the best chance to win, it is in fact Jeff Mathis a player who has hit under .215 in each of the past two seasons.

Through the Angels first 7 games Mathis has started 5 games while Napoli has started just 2 and I along with other Napoli owners wonder what the hell we were thinking on draft day. Sometimes you look at a players numbers and just get lost in aww with the prospective of endless power and you completely forget that baseball actually includes defense and a catcher is first in foremost in charge of calling a good game. Defense statistics will likely never work their way into fantasy baseball but if you ignore defense like I did than you just might wind up with a guy like Napoli who isn't seeing the field for the most part because he just isn't that good with the glove.

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