The Twists and Turns of Drafting After the Season Starts

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

As I mentioned on monday (via Twitter) my fantasy draft this year is this Friday due to Jesus and his resurrection. Surprisingly I'm finding that this just might throw a whirlwind of surprises come draft night. Here's a few reasons why:

1) Some of Those Sleepers You Love Just Might Get Exposed Week 1: Hi Carlos Gonzalez, I'm talking to you. I own Carlos Gonzalez in each of my other leagues and got him at a very affordable discount price for someone I think will hit over .300 with 20-20. This price is going up up and away thanks to the fact that he has gotten multiple hits in each game during the Brewers series. So... do I pay the increased price or do I hope he falls somewhere in between the true price of .300 20-20 and old sleeper price?

2) Do I Over-react About Things Week 1?: Hello Cory Hart, I wasn't planning on picking you early, but maybe as a fifth outfielder. But what do I do with the fact that Jim Edmonds is starting? Do I throw you in a trash can and forget about you?

3) Sometimes There's a Bit More Clarity: Hello Jon Rauch, nice to see you locked down the closer role. Looks like you may be a target for me and everyone else come friday night.

4) Blip Blip, Welcome to My Radar Screen: Hello Dallas Braden, I didn't even remember that you existed until this morning when I saw 10 Ks next to your name. Not sure I'll be able to get you in the closing rounds but consider yourself a candidate.

5) Oh You're Injured... Nevermind: Hello Ian Kinsler, I kind of wish I got a mulligan on my draft a few weeks ago.

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