A Quick Masters Review

Monday, April 12, 2010

~First and foremost I think we can say that Shingo definitely brought it with his Japanese flag hat and the plaid green and white pants. Unfortunately he did not even come close to making the cut so we only got two days of Shingo mania.

~Holy shit I was right for once. I picked the Titties to win and by golly he did. Mickelson's win can pretty much be summed up by his three hole explosion on Saturday when he went Eagle, Eagle, Birdie and by his shot lying in the woods between two trees which he landed within five feet of the hole. I just wish Westwood or Kim were a shot back on the final hole to see how the added pressure would have effected him.

~Hell, I almost went 3 for 3 on my missed cut predictions. I predicted Furyk to miss the cut and nailed it. He finished 91st out of 95. I predicted Sabbatini to miss the cut, as always, and he finished 80th. Finally I predicted Weir to miss the cut and he came close. He finished +8, 5th worst of all players who made the cut.

~Outside of the plane flying around with humorous slogans, Tiger wasn't exactly persecuted at the Masters this weekend. Just goes to show you how quickly he will return to the Tiger Woods of old where fans will forget that he had sex with every porn star in the nation and just remember that he's a really good golfer who is entertaining to watch. Now only if he wouldn't duck hook his driver into the woods about 4 times per round.

~Sucks to be Lee Westwood, three top three finishes in majors in a row, and in reality he's likely never going to win one.

~Fred Couples is completely overrated in golf history. Something to get into in more detail at some other time but just my thoughts this weekend.

~And finally check out pretty pants Polter's sunday outfit. Purple plaid with purple and white spikes. Solid. Unfortunately like Shingo, his golf game on the weekend was not.

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