Today It Probably Really Sucks to Be A Georgetown Fan

Monday, April 05, 2010

Tonight, while the majority of us pull for Butler and think of how our preferred college team was a disappointment this season we will have nothing on Georgetown fans. For a Hoya fan this tournament couldn't have possibly gone any worse.

Point #1, The Hoyas as a 3 Seed Lost in the 1st Round
A horrible tournament can't be complete without flopping yourself. The Hoyas didn't bother showing up for the first round of the tournament and ruined many brackets in the process by losing to Ohio in pathetic blowout fashion.

Point #2, The Hoyas Defeated Butler With Ease in the Jimmy V Classic
In early December the Hoyas ranked #13 faced off against the 20th ranked Butler Bulldogs at MSG in the Jimmy V classic. The Hoyas opened up an 8 point half time lead and pretty much cruised towards the victory. Butler never could get the game closer than 5 points the entire half and the Hoyas picked up a solid win in December, little did anyone know it was against an NCAA Tournament finalist.

Point #3, The Hoyas Beat the Shit Out of Duke with the President In the House
In late January with president Obama in the house, the Hoyas made Duke look like a band of High Schoolers playing against the NBA elite. The Hoyas won by 12 but that doesn't fully describe the beatdown they handed Duke. The Hoyas shot 71% from the field and were up by as many as 23 with 4+ minutes to go before the Blue Devils picked up some meaningless scrub baskets.

So the Hoyas pretty much knocked it out of the park this NCAA Tournament. They managed to lose in the first round by 16 points to a highly inferior team and they get to watch two teams they defeated easily play for the National Title. Definitely not a good month for Hoya fans.

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