ESPN Does Who's Then?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just when you thought Who's Now was lame and couldn't be topped, the Sunday SportsCenter comes in and gives you Who's Then with the Sklar Brothers. Super. For those inclined to pain and agony here is their Bracket which just so happens to be the name of their weekly segment.

Haim and Feldman vs. Dan and Dave
Tamir Goodman vs. Richard Hatch
Joe Piscapot vs. Maurice Clarrett
XFL vs. Steven Segal

Dan and Dave vs. Richard Hatch
Steven Segal vs. Maurice Clarett

Richard Hatch vs. Steven Segal

So ESPN has proclaimed Tiger Woods the most now athlete and the Sklar brothers have proclaimed Steven Segal the Most Then, um, the most then person place or thing?

This is SportsCenter.

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