Who Will Replace Vick in Madden?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let me preface this by saying that I haven't set up my PS2 in my house since college and probably should have just ebayed it a while ago. But during my heyday in late high school and my college years I played a lot of Madden and NCAA Football. And while I have always been a short passes west coast offense type of player, nothing ticked me off more than the players that played with the Falcons.

The players that typically played with the Falcons did absolutely nothing but run with Vick. They didn't ever use runs, they instead would run pass plays, typically deep pass plays, scramble around with Vick and if nothing was open deep pick up a few rushing yards. It was incredibly annoying, and on those games where you were lucky enough to drill and injure Mike Vick these players were typically screwed. Without the scrambling they had pretty much no offense, it was all they did, run with the fastest QB in the game. Hell someone even made a compilation highlight video of how cheap he was.

Now who will these talentless hacks play as? Without Vick they've lost their bread and their butter. They have nothing, they will never play with Joey Harrington and will need to find substitutes. So who will be their next scrambling QB for these hacks?

5. Antwaan Randle El, the Adjustor: You've seen this before. A guy who just uses a scrambling quarterback doesn't pick the Falcons. He struggles for a a quarter or two with a normal pocket quarterback and decides to say what the hell, he played QB in college and I've seen him throw a touchdown pass before, so Randle El you're my QB. Typically this move doesn't work at all, so it's not gonna be a top choice.

4. Tony Romo, Underwood's Bitch: So what happens if you really really desire a scrambling white QB? There's no Steve Young anymore, Brunell is pretty much dead. You certainly aren't going to choose a Manning or the Golden Boy. Your options are pretty much limited to Alex Smith, Ben Three Day Old Cheeseburger, the Sex Cannon and Tony Homo. Out of those 4, it's probably between Smith and Homo, but because this person who uses the scrambling QB is most likely a douche he will choose the Cowboys.

3. Tarvaris Jackson, a Purer Mini-Vick: Jackson has limited hype thus far in his career and we have no idea if he can really be much of a passer. What we do know is that he is fast as friggin hell and that he can get out of the pocket and run around. He even wears #7 and in uniform he looks exactly like Vick except in purple instead of black. Jackson will be a good option in this years Madden, but something tells me his speed will be upgraded next year and then he will be a more viable option.

2. Donovan McNabb, The Superstar: McNabb is a stud and despite him blowing out his knee last season he probably will still have solid speed stats this season. Picking McNabb gives the hack the option to be a solely scrambling QB while giving the reasonable threat that they might actually pass the ball down the field.

1. Vince Young, the Coverboy: The most logical choice is Vince Young. He's fast, he's strong, and he can scramble all day long. His passing skills aren't currently the best in the world and most likely the playbook includes several QB draws and specific QB runs. In addition like Vick was for Madden 04, Vince is the coverboy this season meaning they jacked up his stats through the roof most likely.

So next time you face an unskilled Madden player the chances are you will be lining up against the Tennessee Titans.

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My buddy is already practicing with Young and ignoring Vick this year as he expects him to disappear when the rosters are updated.

BD said...
10:20 AM  

As one of those talentless madden Vick users, I would agree with Vince Young, Seneca Wallace also has high speed stats.

Frank the Tank said...
10:23 AM  

or the giants Jared Lorenzen aka (Pilsbury Throwboy, Hefty Lefty, the Round Mound of touchdowns,) he's gotta have a high breaktackle

Frank the Tank said...
10:34 AM  

Sign Aaron Brooks as a free agent?

It will be at least as good as Tavaris Jackson.

Andrew said...
7:14 PM  

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