Saddest News of the Millennium

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yesterday, I sent out a desperate plea for folks to vote for Kige Ramsey for the Deadspin Hall of Fame. He was right there yesterday when I mailed in my last vote. He sat at 72.9% just a mere 2.1% percent away from the strict Deadspin Cutoff. Over the next hour Kige climbed closer and closer and reached 74.1% of the vote, just .9% away. But alas he was denied, so close and yet so far. What a sad day for everyone in the blogosphere universe.

I implore you Mr. Leitch, a Veteran's Committee vote for Kige Ramsey. Phil Rizzuto didn't get in on the Writers' Ballot, but the Veteran's Committee was there to back him up and send the Scooter to the Hall.

Like Scooter, Kige always brings his best to his broadcasts. He offers top notch opinions like calling Who's Now one of the best segments Sportscenter has ever done. You have to have a lot of stones to take such a controversial stance on such a hot topic. Only someone deserving of a hall of fame could ever take away some of my hatred towards Who's Now.

Kige Ramsey is a first ballot hall of famer, it is a shame that he is going to be treated like Goose Gossage and fall just short of such an honor. The people that didn't vote for you are the ones who refuse to vote for Nolan Ryan or Cal Ripken saying that no one should go into the Hall Unanimously. Those voters are always wrong, and so were these Deadspinners.

I mourn for you Kige and hope that this never discourages you from keeping up your professionalism and top notch analysis. You are a hall of famer in my eyes.

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He'll be sadly missed :(

Or atleast until next year...?

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