Americans Score 3 Goals, Yet Lose to Italy 3-1, Huh?!?!?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So how exactly does that statement makie sense? Meet the case of Giuseppe Rossi. Giuseppe was born in Teaneck New Jersey and raised in nearby Clifton. His parents were teachers in Clifton up until the time Giuseppe showed promise in the game of soccer and was reruited by the Italian club Parma. At age 13 Rossi and his father moved to Italy to help groom him as a soccer player. At some point in time during his life in Italy, Rossi decided that he would rather play for the Italian National team than the US Team, and so he has. Rossi has played for the Italian U-16, U-21, Olympic and now senior squad. And this brings us to yesterday, which he said he was extremely excited about.

"That's the country where I was born, and that's the country where I have my family and friends," Rossi said of the U.S. "It's going to be a great game to watch, and for me to play against them is always something special." ESPN

And play he did. As a second half substitute, Rossi scored the equalizing goal from long distance. Than in injury time Rossi blasted home a cross from Andrea Pirlo to throw the dagger in the heart of his birth country.

If the US can't even keep some of their best citizens on their own roster, than how exactly do they ever expect to break into the elites of the soccer world?

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