They All Have More Rings Than Charles Barkley

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look at this assembly of Los Angeles Lakers players that all now have more rings than Sir Charles. Let's take a look from top down.

Trevor Ariza - The man was a New York Knick for a season and a half before he was one of the main components in the Knicks trade for Steve Francis and Penny, arguably the worst decision the Knicks ever made. Now he's the defensive stopper on a Championship team?

DJ Mbenga - I'm pretty sure this dude was cut by the Warriors last year. Now he has more rings than Reggie Miller.

Shannon Brown - Kid's been in the league 3 years and the Lakers are his 5th team.

Adam Morrison - This one's my favorite. Look at him wearing his championship t-shirt as if he contributed at all. Wow that's just great.

Jordan Farmar - Mr. Farmar scored a total of 2 points in all of the Lakers finals wins combined. Now he's got as many championships as Jerry West.

Luke Walton - 1/5th the talent as his father and now just 1/2 the rings.

Lamar Odom - If there's one player on the Lakers that's been the most brutally criticized, its been Lamar Odom. Now he's got as many rings as Clyde Drexler and he's going to make bank on the free agent market.

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