So If Logic Holds, Plaxico Should Serve No Jail Time

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before we start this debate let me throw out an equation for you.


And so we come to real life situations. Yesterday, Donte Stallworth thanks to many different factors was sentenced to just 30 days of jail time for his DUI manslaughter charges. There were plenty of extenuating circumstances from him being over the limit by say a drink, to the person he hit being drunk and walking across the street not in a cross walk. Additionally, he called the police immediately, fessed up guilt immediately, let them take the breath test without issue, and has owned up to the entire. And of course most importantly he gave the family an "Undisclosed Amount of Money." But the facts remain, because of Stallworth's poor decision a person is dead, and his punishment is loss of cash, a month in prison and some probation. Considering the drunk walkers punishment was death, I feel as if Stallworth is getting off quite easily.

On the opposite end of the spectrum there is Plaxico Burress, still awaiting his trial. Plaxico went out to the club illegally carrying his fire arm in New York City. Considering we have never heard of any incidents where Plaxico has gotten in a gun fight, I'm guessing that he had no intention of actually firing said gun, just like Stallworth obviously had no intent of running someone over. Plaxico's gun accidentally fired and shot him in the leg, this would be equivalent to Stallworth driving his car into a tree, not a person. Now if Plaxico's gun went off, shot someone in the head and killed them than the situations would be nearly identical, but that didn't happen, no one was hurt but Plaxico.

Granted Plaxico didn't handle the situation with the grace and admittance that Stallworth did, but its quite obvious that the gravity of both situations aren't in the same ball park. In one scenario one person hurt just himself, in other someone is dead. And yet there still are teetering opinions on whether Plaxico will be forced to serve a jail time, especially with Mayor Bloomburg calling for ZERO special treatment. The last thing I want is for Plaxico Burress, who seems like one of the largest douchebags on the planet, to get any kind of special treatment but if Stallworth can go to jail for a single month after killing someone Plaxico shouldn't even be within 5 miles of a jail cell.

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But how do you think Plaxi's leg feels. He would like Plaxi's brain to go to jail for a long time.

Here is another equation:

U.S. Justice System ≠ Logic

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