Get Your Favre Fan Packs

Monday, June 22, 2009

Need some Jet apparel on the cheap? Well the New York Jets online shop has just the thing for you, the Favre Fan Packs, in honor of our dearly departed hero Brett Favre. Why buy one authentic New York Jet jersey for $220 when you can get 3 BRETT FAVRE!*&^%! jerseys for the same price.

Want your baby to look stupid? You can get all three infant jerseys for just 30$, that's a $120 dollar value for just $30 dollars. You're pracitcally stealing the shit.

Do you desperately need a T-Shirt that says "Brett the Jet"? Of Course you do. But why stop there. You can get 2, count it 2 t-shirts for $15 dollars. How can you possibly pass up that bargain?

They really should just send all this crap to Nicaragua.

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