Shaq and Lebron Together At Last

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congratulations goes to Danny Ferry this morning for trading absolutely nothing for Shaq. Absolutely positively nothing. Let's go over the three main reasons why this deal makes sense.

1. Getting Shaq Improves Their Team in 2009.

I don't think this really makes the Cavs immeasurably better than they were yesterday, but the fact is that they just got Shaq and gave up two players who aren't very good and a 2nd round draft pick that would likely amount to a player who winds up in the D League. Is Shaq the one missing piece Cleveland needed? Probably not. But in the end nothing about this doesn't make sense because even if the experiment fails miserably, than you still have point #2.

2. Getting Shaq Does Nothing Negative to Their Cap Space in 2010

When I talked about Lebron's needs earlier this year, I mentioned the fact that right now the Cavs are on pace to be incredibly cap open in 2010. The only three players that will be on their books in the offseason will be Mo Williams, Delonte West and Booby Gibson thus giving the Cavs the chance to sign Lebron James and two studs. Now with Shaq in the fold and coming off the books after this season, theoretically, the Cavs could sign two major free agents, say Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh, and then sign Shaq and Lebron afterwards to jump over the cap thanks to the NBAs weird cap rules.

3. Most Importantly This Will Make Lebron Happy

The key part of the Cavs future is making damn sure that LBJ goes no where in 2010, so to do that they need to make him happy. Getting Shaq shows Lebron that they are putting forth the effort to improve the team. Even if it doesn't morph into a Championship it gives LBJ the thought process that the Cavs are willing to make major maneuvers to put him in a better place. This can only help in convincing him to stay in Cleveland and to sell Cleveland to other free agent superstars in next years offseason.

All in all, I love this move for Cleveland. Even if next years team again comes up short for the title, it can only help their ability to keep LBJ come 2010, and that's the goal.

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